Under the Vintage Veil’s guide for the crafty bride: the best of wedding DIY online

Morning everyone. It’s the weekend and, if you’re anything like the Under the Vintage Veil household, you’ll probably be spending your weekend DIYing and crafting!

So, for you creative types planning a hand-made wedding, I’ve put together a little guide for you on the best of DIY tutorials from around the web. I hope they’re inspiring and that they help you put your own, unique touches on your big day. If you find any tutorials from around the web or you’ve made one yourself, please do feel free to post links (just as a one off) in the comment box below!

Before you start

Before you embark upon any DIY projects, do a test run. Buy a small sample of materials and make sure you’re up for the task. Some things do look easier on paper than they are in reality. Also, quickly price up the materials and see if doing it yourself really is the cheaper option, if that’s the reason you’ve decided to get crafting.

Once you’ve worked out how much time each unit will take you, make

Then make sure you have a team of happy helpers, not just as a one off, but people who are happy to form a production line for a few weekends before the wedding. You may find out you’ve bitten off more than you can chew if you don’t recruit help.

Finally, have fun! Make your crafting parties into an enjoyable occasion, set up a wedding movie marathon, make everyone comfortable. There’s no point lovingly hand-crafting your whole wedding if the love is missing! Good luck!

The best of wedding DIY online

Fabulous food and drink

For the fun-loving couple, why not have a blast making these DIY Limoncello wedding favours?

Instead of champagne, you could go for a signature cocktail. I have been hooked on these fabulous recipes from Martha Stewart. There are sixteen different types of cocktail and I’m sure you can find one here to fit your personality!

Make your signature drinks even prettier with these colourful stripey straws!

Are you a bit of a baker? Dish out the glasses of milk and get cracking on these gorgeous heart-shaped home-made oreos.

These are a personal favourite – try these multi-coloured, heart-shaped sugar cubes to liven up your tea table. Who says food and drink need to be boring?

More heart-shaped food. Well, it is a wedding after all! These peanut-butter cups look delicious – just make sure you don’t eat them all before your guests have a chance to see them!

Printed from the net

If you love that home-made look but you’re not particularly arty, these very cute and pretty macaron bag labels can be downloaded directly from Green Wedding Shoes. You can also nab a template for the sweetest little stirring sticks from Style Me Pretty.

Love the idea of paper bunting but don’t fancy all the measuring? These printables for paper bunting and matching mini flags are too sweet for words!

Jars don’t have to be jarring

This DIY tutorial from the Under the Vintage Veil archives shows you how to use floral fabrics and lace to make flower containers, tea light holders and generally pretty up your wedding.

 Or, if floral fabrics aren’t your bag, why don’t you try this simple but fabulous flower jar tutorial from Want That Wedding?

Bunting and hangings 

Love burlap, lace and tweed? This beautiful bunting from a Pocketful of Dreams tutorial on Love My Dress is perfect for a barn or rustic wedding!

To further capture that rustic effect, say it with twine, a beautiful light garland from Rockn’Roll Bride.

For a more subtle, cutesy effect, try to make this simple but stunning fabric flag garland. The perfect finishing touch for a dessert or cake table.

There are a few different ways to do DIY paper bunting. There’s the folding technique, but you can also apply a similar technique with cutting the flags, but using a 6mm hole punch and threading thin ribbon through the bunting instead, which is how I made mine (tutorial coming soon).

Hanging paper flowers, especially in bulk, can make a stunning addition to your dessert table, or could even be hung at different lengths from the ceiling. If you liked that Martha Stewart tutorial, why not try making bigger paper pom poms to match the bold, tissue paper theme.

Love lace? Me too. I may well have a go at these doily lanterns – so original and chic! Thanks to Natalie for pointing me to this one!

Place settings and favours

This idea is naturally time consuming, but marvellously unique – a pretty backgammon board for your guests. And it’s so customisable colour-wise. Have a peek and, if anyone has a bash at this, let me know as I’d love to see how it works out!

I love these mini pom pom favours from a Love My Dress tutorial. They’re cute, crafty and hey, why shouldn’t your guests be your cheerleaders too?

These place settings could easily double up as favours – write a message for each guest on these chalkboard dinner plates!

Stunning stationery

Way back in the day I wrote a tutorial (back when I was the SCB – those of you who don’t know the story, ask me!) for Love My Dress! It was all about how to make your own SC (still can’t say it!!) wedding invitations. I’ve actually just finished mine (phew) and they’re great fun. Be warned, very time consuming though!

Love this DIY table plan from Adore By Chloe – what can I say? I’m a sucker for pretty floral patterns!

Also from Adore By Chloe, bring a little glitz & glam to your big day with these glittery heart-shaped cake toppers!

Fun with flowers

Fancy a challenge just before your wedding? Add a special touch with this DIY heart-shaped flower wreath! Practice a few times before the big day to make sure you know how to get it just right!

You know those beautiful, ethereal flower crowns? Why not make a set for you and your maids if you’re having a more whimsical, bohemian wedding? Another cracking tutorial on Love My Dress.

Anything else

One of the most unique things I’ve seen so far – how cool is this DIY aisle runner from Bridal Musings? You could even write extracts of your vows to walk over!

Definitely one for the more dapper groom – a Rockn’Roll Bride tutorial on fabric bow ties.

This is one I’ll definitely be trying out myself – ever wanted one of those rustic “wedding” signs but found they were too expensive online? Well you can make your own using this simple and fun tutorial!

Want to liven up your wedding photos? Create clever cartoon captions with these DIY speech bubble chalkboards!

If you have a DIY tutorial you’d like me to feature, or if you’ve found something on the net you want me to see, get in touch via the comment box below or email sara {at} underthevintageveil.com – I’d love to hear from you!

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