Under the Vintage Veil’s first birthday party: A few spaces left

So I have a confession to make: I often take things way too much to heart. It’s only in the process of planning my own Under the Vintage Veil first birthday event that I realised just how easy it  is to forget someone you really like – when you have hundreds of people to think about and a huge attendee list to keep track on (and it’s your first time) people are bound to slip through the net.

Moreover, in the last 3 days, my Outlook decided it no longer wants to send out invites. It decided it’s bored and lazy and basically spluttered and died under the weight of the email attachments. So I sat and pondered how I would get the word out to anyone I’ve missed – and I thought I’d let you all know about the very last few spaces available for the party! Basically, if I haven’t invited you, it’s not because I wouldn’t LOVE to have you there, it’s because I’m forgetful, scatty and have ten million things to remember.

So this is an open invite to the wedding industry, the only stipulation? RSVP quickly before all the spaces are gone! I’m getting really excited about #veilbash, as it’s affectionately known on Twitter – I don’t want to ruin the surprises, but it’s going to be young, fresh with a bit of a naughty vintage twist and some fab surprises! So enjoy a sneaky peak of the beee-a-uuuutiful invitations designed by I am Nat (there will be a longer post very soon with a little bit about my event dream team) and I hope to see you there!

We’ve extended the RSVP deadline to Wednesday, 23rd May, but there really are only a few spaces left, so the quicker you are, the more likely it is we’ll party together!

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