On following your intuition

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a long time. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it quite a few times before, because it’s a topic very dear to my heart. And it’s one that applies to both brides and business owners, because I think it applies to all human beings.

All the greatest people I know, all the most inspirational people that I admire, from Steve Jobbs to Will.I.Am (yes, really) have one trait in common. They all follow their gut. Every person who’s ever inspired me has, without fail, either written about, talked about or just demonstrated the power of following your intuition.

I have a deeply held belief that your intuition is the single most powerful tool you have. Call me a hippy, but I think everything’s connected. However we got here, we’re a product of nature. At the end of the day, we’re animals. Animals survive on instinct, and I believe that it’s rationalising away what our body is  telling us is right that holds us back.

How many times in your life have you had that little nagging feeling that something isn’t right and had it manifest itself? Or let me ask you this, have you ever followed your gut feeling, only to fall flat on your face?

When it comes to choosing the trimmings on your wedding and your suppliers, to far deeper matters of the heart, like choosing to marry someone, nothing can go wrong if you listen to your body and your feelings. All logic dictates I should have stayed in my job, stayed unhappy but brought home a paycheque at the end of the week. But my intuition told me otherwise – it told me there was no other choice, and I listened. I’m happier and more successful and proud of myself than I ever thought possible.

So how do you find this part of yourself?

Discovering your intuition

Feel, don’t think. When you’re faced with a decision, take all thoughts out of the equation and just see how your body feels. Do you feel tense? Nauseous? Sore? Are your insides churning in a way that makes you want to extract yourself from the situation? Or do you feel a spark of anticipation, excitement, do you feel alive and connected?

Take time out. When I have a big decision to make I meditate, I sing, I walk… I do things that help me to connect back to my body like exercise. Doing what relaxes you or takes your mind off of things helps you to switch off your brain and delve into your soul.

Learn to say yes and no in the right places. Intuition should be… well, intuitive. But somewhere along the path we’ve lost our way. We’ve forgotten how to listen to the most basic needs and callings of our body. Remembering how to trust ourselves takes time and practice. Try following your gut when your intuition is really strong and you’ll notice that feeling leading you forward. Then try and test it a few times, you’ll soon learn to recognise “that” feeling.

Don’t ask around. I used to ask every man, woman and dog within earshot for their opinion every time I had to make a decision. Now, I often make my decisions alone, particularly the most important ones. If you let yourself become too influenced by those around you, you lose that connection to yourself, and your own gut feeling. Take on board the feelings of others, but ultimately learn to do what you feel is right.

Learn to see the silver lining. Sometimes I had the feeling my intuition was leading me on a path to nowhere. For example, once I put a huge amount of effort, based on following my gut to that interview, into finding a job and at the last minute it fell through. Although my initial feeling was disappointment, my heart was telling me something. Sure enough I contacted another company and made other arrangements the next day, ones that worked out to massively be in my best interests. Things are not always black and white in life. Sometimes you need to just trust that you did the right thing for a reason, and even if it hits what appears to be a bump along the road, that bump might be the change in current you need.

Think positive. I believe positivity attracts more positivity. And that the more positive you are, the more in tune you become. Following your gut can be like a drug, it can be powerful, it can make your head spin and it can take you to heights you’d never believe. I say it’s a totally legal high, and the best feeling in the world, that you’re soaring because you trusted yourself, so get that positive energy flowing.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Fear is brought on by thoughts. Did you feel afraid initially or did you talk yourself into fear? Because fear is the only thing that masks your intuition, like a fog. Fear is pretending to be your survival instinct. I promise you it isn’t.

Have you planned your wedding on intuition? Did you follow your gut into a decision that didn’t make sense on paper but that was an absolute necessity? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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