Not allowed fireworks at your wedding? How to go out with a bang!

When you spend a significant amount of time planning something as life altering as a wedding, it stands to reason that the party just fizzling out (excuse the pun) at the end of the night is a depressing prospect. But how do you signal that the evening is over without just calling time at the bar and kicking everyone out? Or having your guests drift off home at different points?

Well, the obvious answer is fireworks. But that’s not always practical or even feasible. Many venues don’t allow fireworks, lots of people are, as pretty as they are, opposed to them on the grounds that they distress animals. Oh, and they’re really, really expensive. So how do you go out in a blaze of glory and get the send off you deserve without a big, expensive display?

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Going out with a bang without the fireworks!


They’re pretty, they’re inexpensive, they’re portable. You can write your name with them. You can shout “LUMOS” and pretend you’re in Harry Potter (but only if you’re as cool as I am, of course!) Sparklers are a really efficient and effective way to end your wedding day without paying hundreds, or even thousands, for a fireworks display.

Inspiration: When it’s time to leave, have your guests stand in line with their sparklers outside the venue and wave you off. No need for confetti and it is a nice way to wrap up the evening. Just make sure no one comes near your dress, nobody likes a flaming bride!

Save the last dance for me

Another way to announce the end of the night is with a last dance. Have your friends and family surround you in a circle for the last dance! That way you clear the dance floor and all eyes are on the two of you for the final moments of your wedding.

Inspiration: Choose a song with real meaning to you and to your guests. Just make sure you haven’t had too much to drink or it might not have the desired romantic impact!

Sing them out

Have your guests sing you away with one last song at the end of the night. By then everyone should be pretty, erm, cheerful, so you’ll have willing and enthusiastic participants.

Inspiration: Have your stationer design beautiful lyric sheets for everyone and use them as last-minute, surprise favours. Again, choose a song with real meaning but make it a little bit fun and quirky.

Leave with best wishes

Earlier in the evening, hand out pretty “wish slips” for your guests and ask them to write down one wish for your marriage and keep it safe for the evening. At the end of the night, set up a large, blank canvas, and have your guests each stick their wish on the canvas before leaving.

Inspiration: Make the canvas really gorgeous and give it a beautiful frame. That way, you can hang it in your home for the first year of your marriage to remind you of the love that surrounded you that day.

Have a closing ceremony with candles

Wind down the party by reminding your guests what you’re celebrating. Give every guest a candle, have them stand in a circle while you and your new husband / wife go around with your own candles lighting everyone else’s.

Inspiration: Have your guests say a closing verse or reading that means a lot to you and that you feel would be the right words to send you off into married life.

Are you not allowed fireworks at your venue? Have you got anything special planned to end your night? I’d love to hear your stories! 

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