Going Vintage – a beautiful vintage wedding inspiration shoot

Today I’m bringing you some gorgeous vintage wedding dresses shot by Meg Hawkins Photography. Meg feels very passionately about the special touch a vintage dress can bring to your big day, so I’m handing over to her to tell you about these amazing gowns:

“Every bride wants to look beautiful and unique on her wedding day. Rather than getting a dress off the rack, have you considered a vintage wedding dress?

Having a wedding with a vintage theme (or even just having select components that are vintage incorporated into your wedding theme) immediately adds timeless elegance to your wedding day. Choosing a vintage theme for your wedding is a wonderful way to create a lasting impression on your guests, as well as your own future memories and photographs.

Vintage wedding dresses often feature exquisite details and workmanship for a fraction of the price. Just a few years back, the ‘something old’ in the familiar wedding day might have meant, at most, a family choker sparkling above the neckline of a brand new, budget-busting dress.

In the last few months, vintage has taken the wedding fashion by storm, with more and more brides choosing to reject the new and instead rediscover the charms of pre-owned, antiquated pieces with a little history of their own.”

Images © 2012 Meg Hawkins Photography

Featured in the image above:

1950s T-length dress, raw silk with a eloquent sash (She, by Angie Mac)
Photographer: Meg Hawkins
Model : Saphira Chattan
Make Up: Chloe McCall
Venue: MHI Studio

Featured in the image above

1970s tulle wedding dress (She by Angie Mac) – Iconic ¾ length sleeves represents the era

Things to take into account when looking for a vintage wedding dress.

They generally will not come in your normal dress size, as through the years the clothing industry have gradually adjusted to sizes downward.

If your buying a dress online take careful note of the measurements. Check measurements like shoulders and rise as well as bust, waist, and hips. Since many dresses were worn with a girdle or corset, you may want to wear one as well. be sure you have the wiggle room for that first dance though!!


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