A Suit That Fits guest posts: How to dress your Groomsmen

Morning everyone! Friday is here at last! And I have some real treats for you today. Following on from the popularity of their previous post explaining how to dress your Groom, the team at A Suit That Fits thought you’d appreciate a few tips to help you dress your Groomsmen.

What style suit should you choose?

Similarly to your Grooms suit, his groomsmen should reflect the style of your wedding – they will also take the lead from the Groom’s style choices. For example, if you’re opting for a modern ceremony and your Groom’s wearing a dapper lounge suit, his ushers would also be wearing lounge suits rather than a morning suit (tails).

However, it’s important that your Groom stands out from the crowd and feels his stylish best. There are a number of ways to do this: if your Groom is wearing a three-piece lounge suit, the ushers could wear matching two-piece suits. If they’re all wearing waistcoats, they could wear a different colour to your Groom – he could wear a colour to match you and his ushers would co-ordinate with your bridesmaids.

It’s important to remember that male wedding guests are likely to be wearing two-piece suits and you don’t want your ushers to blend in! That’s why it’s important for groomsmen to wear matching ties or cravats, pocket squares and boutonnieres.

What colour cloth to choose?

Now we’ve established thesartorial style rules for ushers, it’s time to look at the colour cloth his ushers should be wearing.

If you’re opting for a morning suit, the traditional colours are a grey trouser with a black or dark navy morning coat. However, if your Groom’s wearing a lounge suit, there are unlimited options. Consider what colours will complement the colour tone of your big day; from these, you can choose one that best suits your Groom’s complexion and style. Light grey suits are popular as they complement most colour tones and skin tones. If he fancies standing out from the crowd without being too bold, he could indulge in a fun, bright lining!

If you’re getting all of the suits from the same supplier, your Groom and his Groomsmen could wear the same colour suit and different accessories to enable him to stand out. However, if you’re using different suppliers, it will be impossible to match the colours perfectly – so the Groom could wear a different colour suit. For example, the Groom could wear a light or mid grey with the ushers in a charcoal grey.


As we’ve already mentioned, the ushers should wear matching ties or cravats, a pocket square and the boutonniere with the Groom in something slightly different to stand out. Another way to enable the Groom to stand out is by giving him a pocket watch (a perfect gift for the wedding morning!), a different colour lining or by having ‘Groom’ or the date of your wedding embroidered onto his shirt cuff to make him feel extra-special!

If you’re thinking of going bespoke with your Groomsmen, A Suit That Fits have wedding packages – whether your Groom has chosen to have only his best man by his side or if he has an army of ushers, there’s something for everyone.

If you need any more guidance, or to start creating your own bespoke suit, please visit http://www.aSuitThatFits.com, call 020 3006 7999 or book an appointment with an expert Style Advisor.

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