A softly lit, beautiful love story

I had a wonderful submission from Cassandra Eldridge Photography in the States and I had to share it with you – but the story is so lovely I really just want to let Cassandra share it with you in her own, lovely words:

“This is a story of natural progression. A story that defines both of these personalities, perfectly. Sean was the new guy on campus at St. Francis High School, and Lindsey’s demeanor radiated love and kindness. He naturally migrated towards her as he pulled up that first day, hoping that this was the girl that would give him directions… the girl that would give him directions, and the girl that would make everything different. The girl that would make this new transition worthwhile.”

“Without a thought, Lindsey took Sean gracefully into her life. A friendship was effortlessly formed, and a connection brewed at its own steady pace. A pace that was suitable for two young teenagers, no doubt eager to unravel the mystery that surrounded their friendship. Listening in on the whispers from their friends who were sure that they were five steps ahead of Sean and Lindsey; that they were in fact dating, they just didn’t want anyone to know, they muted the noise that surrounded their kindred connection. They tuned in only to each other, trusting full well that when the time was right, their lives would collide and life would never be the same.”

“The love that Sean and Lindsey have built together is one that was surfaced on solid ground. No second guesses, no what ifs.. Here are two people who genuinely want to take on life’s journeys, together. Two people who can’t not look at each other and smile. Two people who fought hard to get to this moment; the moment where her life is no longer a mystery, and he is no longer having to ask for direction. He has found his compass, and his compass, is about to be his wife. Forever leading him home, and back to each other.”

Images © Cassandra Eldridge Photography 

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