The great hair dilemma

Morning everyone! I’ll keep this brief – I’m trying to decide what to do with my wedding hair! I think this is a dilemma every bride faces and, rather than going for an up do or something overly “bridal” that isn’t really me, I wanted to just bring out the natural curl in my hair a bit more and go all natural and wild.

I think it will be a great juxtaposition with my dress, which… ahhhh nearly gave it away there, but let’s just say I think that accessorising and styling will make or break this dress!

I went to my lovely hair stylist (I’ll reveal my dream team of suppliers in another post very soon) and asked for something akin to (or more of an amalgamation of) the pictures below (longer than the one on the left but a little more curl than the one on the right – and yes, if you’re wondering, that’s Taylor Swift and Sarah Jessica Parker respectively!)

Image source

However, quite unhelpfully, I’d turned up with my hair pretty much straightened, which made life a little more difficult. We decided to curl it from straightened, to see what it looked like. Neither of us were quite sure about the results as it had looked much more manicured than I intended. It was a perfectly lovely style it just wasn’t quite the wild curly hair I’d envisioned…

When I left, it looked something like this (excuse the bad webcam on the train image)

Image © 2012 Under the Vintage Veil

But later on that evening I put it to the test at the fabulous Temple Gregory Party at the Savoy. By then I’d brushed it out a little so it had fallen into softer, more Hollywood-glam waves (I’m the one in the pink, ruffled dress).

Image © 2012 Craig from Segerius Bruce 

Everyone absolutely loved the waves, which started to confuse me. I’d always wanted to do the very natural thing but the more glam look was going down a treat. So I experimented around with a few styles (most of which I won’t show you as they’re awful webcam pictures) and figured that if I curl it when it’s already curly, it looks a little more like I originally intended.

Here’s one particularly terrible webcam pic, but it sort of shows you what I’m on about. Please excuse the pink dressing gown and the puffy eyes, this is what the end of a very long day of work looks like:

Image © 2012 Under the Vintage Veil

Then I confused matters even more. For our love shoot with Dave from Modern Vintage Weddings, I had it curly (how I liked it originally) but with a thin plait creating a half up, half down look. Pretty much all the comments about the shoot were compliments about the hair.

Image © 2012 Modern Vintage Weddings

So now, as you can imagine, I’m incredibly confused. I have no idea what to do, they’re very subtle variations on what’s effectively the same hair style.

So help me out guys – I can’t promise to go with the majority but I think your comments will probably help me work out this dilemma. Or, if you have another suggestion, feel free to further confuse me! Or tell me how to get the look I’m after haha. Apologies for the most self-indulgent post ever but help me!!

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