Paid part-time work at Under the Vintage Veil

It is with great excitement that I’m putting this out there. When I graduated from university I was told that the only route into writing was through a journalism masters or through knowing the right people. Having neither the money for a masters, nor the right contacts, I took on jobs that involved writing, but didn’t really allow me the same voice or freedom.

I wish somebody had told me that blogging can be an excellent way into writing. Either way I would always recommend getting a journalistic qualification (I plan to start my diploma in journalism very soon – which I’ll get to in a minute) but working for a blog can be a really nice way to gain confidence in writing, as well as WordPress skills and lessons in marketing and PR.

The reason I want to take someone on part-time is just a straight up lack of time. Some of you may know I have a wedding coming up in August, followed by a honeymoon in September and then a training course straight after. While the course is distance learning, it will take up a good couple of hours of my week that I need for blogging!

Part-time copywriting and social media exec job specification

The role of part-time copywriting and social media exec is definitely one for somebody with other full-time commitments who would like to learn more about blogging and writing in general, as well as adding working for a successful full-time blog to their CV! I don’t believe in unpaid internships, but this is really about experience, so there would be a minimum wage payment plus payment per fortnightly article.

The role would include:

Posting pre-written content on WordPress on an ad hoc basis according to a pre-agreed schedule.
Scheduling tweets when Under the Vintage Veil management is on holiday or unavailable and chatting to lovely wedding people on Twitter.
 Gathering credited photographic content from photographers.
Writing a regular series of bylined articles for Under the Vintage Veil.
Research for a large project happening at Under the Vintage Veil this year.
♥ Attending events (travel expenses paid) as part of the Under the Vintage Veil team.

Why work for Under the Vintage Veil?

 Regular hours would be 3 hours per week with extra hours when Under the Vintage Veil management is away, so this role would be perfect for somebody with existing part-time or full-time commitments wanting to gain some extra writing, blogging and social media management experience.
You would have your writing seen by thousands of readers on a growing platform. Under the Vintage Veil has grown exponentially in under a year, has survived a rebrand and recovered its following and is gaining increasing coverage in national wedding magazines, including a column by me (Sara) in Unique Bride magazine.
If you’re looking to get into wedding writing or the wedding industry it would help you to quickly build contacts and get to know the industry.
It’s a great chance to learn all about WordPress, social media tools and platforms as well as building your writing portfolio.

Who am I looking for?

A passionate, enthusiastic and talented writer with a fantastic grasp of grammar and spelling.
Someone who loves weddings and vintage trends as much as I do.
Somebody tenacious, organised and hard working.
Somebody personable, approachable and kind.
Nice to have (these aren’t essential so please don’t let it put you off applying)
Previous writing experience.
Knowledge of WordPress, Twitter (using Hootsuite) and all relevant social media platforms.

More about the role

The successful applicant would meet Sara (me) for initial training and then would work from home.
Training would start in July in preparation for taking over posting on Under the Vintage Veil for one week in August and ten days in September.

How to apply

Please send your CV, a covering letter telling us why you’d like to work for Under the Vintage Veil and a couple of samples of your writing to before Tuesday, 1st May 2012. I’ll then be reviewing all applications over the week following this and getting back to everyone then.
Second-stage interviews will be conducted by phone and final stage interviews in person. There will then be a paid Under the Vintage Veil training afternoon where I’ll get you up to speed on the business and the platforms we use.
All unsuccessful applicants will also be notified by email after the closing date.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to include them in your email – I’m so excited to take on somebody to share the joys of running this business and can’t wait to see who applies!  

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