Florist’s corner: Holyrood Florist’s summer wedding bouquet ideas

Welcome to a brand new Under the Vintage Veil regular feature – “Florist’s Corner” where different florists have kindly offered their wealth of experience and expertise to you guys just for the joy of writing! First up we have Victoria Bates of Holyrood Florist in Somerset to let you in on all her summer wedding bouquet ideas! Give her a warm welcome! 

Summer Bouquet Ideas

Hello everybody, let me introduce myself, I am Victoria Bates, owner, designer and general dogsbody at Holyrood Florist in Chard, Somerset. A small shop with big ideas! I have been invited to write a guest post on my favourite subject (well a very close third after my little girl and food, but that’s another post!) flowers! In particular my ideas for summer wedding bouquets.

I should start by saying I love weddings, I mean really love them, not in a weepy sort of way (although I have shed a tear or two at some!) as a Florist I really feel so privileged to be let into the most emotional and personal moments in people’s lives, the good and the bad, but weddings give me a chance to explore the personalities of the bride and groom, their relationship and try to express that in their flowers.

Are they fun and bold with bright colours and gerberas? Or a vintage summer romance with blousy peonies and dreamy scented jasmine? It’s the little things that you don’t really notice are there until they are pointed out but would leave an obvious void if they weren’t that sets my work apart from the mainstream.

I take this principal in to my ‘predictions’ for summer bouquets, for years to come brides everywhere will be looking to THE wedding of the century for inspiration, I mean of course our own Kate and Wills! I haven’t been asked to recreate her bouquet for a wedding yet and I don’t expect to be any time soon and why would I?

Today’s bride is clued up and has a whole world of inspiration at her finger tips, so instead she wants HER bouquet, the bouquet which has flowers in it that mean something to her and the groom, not an off the shelf, out of a catalogue replica (anyone who has the exact bouquet style or would like it that is not a bad thing please don’t think that’s what I mean, as long as you want it because it reflects who you are and makes you smile, not because you want to be Kate for a day! I’m not judging at all…promise!)

So summer: patriotism is still strong within us all with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee so long may the garden party theme with bunting and ‘’picked from a beautiful garden’’ flowers remain. From simple daisies tied with lace to garden roses and peonies whatever the flower I truly believe the “hand-tied” is here to stay, only now it’s definitely more relaxed, looser and far less stuffy than its original form.

Colours in contrasting matches, bold colours with pastels and neutrals, Yellow and White, Pinks and Navy Blue, the flowers themselves like in Kate’s bouquet (sorry to mention it again but it really is the best most modern example!) mean something, it can be obvious, like the forget me knot, or more subtle like the Lisianthus (Eustoma) which means ‘Calming’ a great one for a nervous bride to be. Even colours of flowers mean something in this secret language my favourite is the Yellow Tulip, it means hopelessly in love, now who wouldn’t want that in a wedding bouquet?

So my ideas for ‘Summer Bouquets’? Well it may seem a bit of a cop out but they are your ideas, they always will be, they will change with the seasons, with the fashions, but flowers will always be personal and never the same from one wedding to the next. It’s what I will continue to hold at the core of my designs and make every bouquet as individual as the bride (and groom!)

I hope you have enjoyed my hijacking of what is usually an amazing, inspirational blog. A huge thank you to Sara for letting me and maybe one day I’ll be back! *Editor’s note – thanks to you, today it really is inspirational! Thank you, Victoria, for sharing your floral lovely knowledge with us! 

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