Days of summer love shoot!

Morning everyone – Friday is finally here! The good news it’s the weekend – the bad news is it’s going to rain. A lot. But never fear, summer is here! I recently (very recently, in fact) helped out on a shoot with Dave from Modern Vintage Weddings where we tried to emulate the feeling and spirit of the movie 500 days of Summer (we weren’t imitating the actual film so don’t sue us hehe). We wanted to get that indie, rom com, hesitant, crazy fun feeling across.

Our models, Adrian and Hannah were extremely patient with us while we waited for the rain to subside, and Emma from Gemma Sutton (hair and make up) did a great job weatherproofing Hannah’s look. All in all it was a sodden, rainy day and we didn’t capture both outfits, but we did manage to get some seriously fabby shots. Finally, if you’re wondering where you can get that beautiful love heart, I actually bought that from my friend Luca at Sesame and Lilly back when it all started!  I hope you all enjoy!

All images © 2012 Modern Vintage Weddings

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