An interview with a luxury wedding cinematographer

So I was a little quiet last Friday – mainly because I was watching a luxury wedding cinematographer and photographer, Victoria Grech, put a group of eager potential team members to the test. I have to admit, when I arrived, I had no clue what cinematography was. I left thinking that any bride whose budget stretches that far needs this amazing woman and her many cameras! Here’s why. First of all I’m not going to say anything, just watch this video and don’t get emotional. Go on, I dare ya!

Victoria + Jasons Wedding from Victoria Grech Cinematography on Vimeo.

Watching Victoria work, it slowly dawned on me that wedding videos can be so much more than just a record of your big day. Victoria Grech offers a unique photography and cinematography package that combines stunning art with the raw emotion of the wedding. In addition to full photography coverage, Victoria’s “wedding film trailers” are shot on stills cameras and cinema cameras. As you can see, audio is added in the perfect places to narrate the day.

What impressed me the most about Victoria was her astronomically high standards. Victoria takes a team of cinematographers with her to weddings – but she only hires the best. And the selection process is tough, but brilliant. Victoria will never take someone on a wedding unless they have a fantastic personality and ability to interact with the couple and their families, as well as the requisite technical skills and “eye” for the art.

It’s not just her couples that benefit from her interview process. I caught the “boot camp” stage of Victoria’s interviews – and if it was an amazing educational experience for me, I can only imagine the value for her students. Regardless of whether Victoria takes them on weddings in the future, they’ve had an intense workshop with one of the best in the industry.

And when it comes to her equipment, style and editing, Victoria’s standards are just as high:

“Wedding photography has come a long way in recent years,” she told me, “But I’ve always felt that video was stuck in the past. When photographing weddings I couldn’t find a videographer to fit with my style of photography – I wanted something cinematic, film like with a beautiful story line. So I decided to offer the service myself. I learned how to film on stills cameras, which is a really natural way to shoot a wedding as nobody even realises you’re filming. The quality of these cameras are breathtaking. They are even using the same camera’s in Hollywood films. “

Amy + Josh’s Wedding film trailer from Victoria Grech Cinematography on Vimeo.

“It’s really about making a film, as opposed to a video. We meet clients three or four times before the wedding so we really get to know them, their relationships, their values  and who’s important to incorporate in the film. We want it to feel like a movie trailer, to have that Hollywood, fairytale feeling. I will often take mum and dad into a quiet room during the day and ask them questions like ‘what did you feel like walking her down the aisle?’ we then use this footage or audio over the bride walking down the aisle hearing her dad’s voice narrating how he actually felt at that moment. I think we capture the emotion in its purest form, we often have brides in tears watching other people’s weddings, which is a great compliment for us.”

Personally, the reason I’d hire Victoria in a heartbeat is her understanding of how a bride needs to pose to bring out the very best in her, without looking remotely posed or unnatural. It’s this empathy and rare talent that sets Victoria apart and miles ahead of the curve. All of her brides are taught how to bring out their best angles in pictures, secrets we’d all love to be let in on!

Victoria told me: “I understand what it’s like for a woman to look at pictures of herself. I have a little tutorial with all my brides on knowing their angles and small ways to trick the camera to help them look their very best without retouching. Naturally we have a pre-wedding shoot as a mini rehearsal, but on the day I also like to show a bride the first few shots on the back of my camera. Once she sees how amazing she looks and that real trust is established, she immediately relaxes and the emotional story of the day starts to shine through. In both the film and the pictures, that genuine emotional moment is the key to an amazing result. With our investment in time spent with couples before the wedding, they’re able to let their guard down and really let the love take over.”

Meena + Jiten’s Asian Wedding film trailer from Victoria Grech Cinematography on Vimeo.

What do you think of Victoria’s wedding trailers? To die for, right? Find out more about Victoria and her cinematography and photography work here

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