A wedding blogger’s love shoot!

Happy Monday morning everyone! I have to say it feels good to be back after an amazing weekend. On Friday I watched a master cinematographer at work (more on that this week), on Sunday I went to the Harry Potter studio tour (might just put a picture of me soaring above Hogwarts on a Nimbus 2000 on Facebook later) and had the most amazing day ever. And Saturday? John and I met up with our dear friend David from Modern Vintage Weddings.

I’ve featured David’s fabulous work a few times before (here and here in particular) and we have a couple of exciting projects in the works, so I knew we’d be in safe hands with him. John was a bit nervous initially, but Dave very quickly put him at ease. I personally love this shoot, not because I look like an airbrushed supermodel, but because we look like us at our happiest, which is a little silly, geeky, goofy and in love!

I hope you guys enjoy, feeling a little nervous but hey, the wedding blogger becomes the bloggee… erm… yeah! I just want to say the biggest thank you in the world to David for memories that will last forever and make our kids ask who those spring chickens (ahem) in the photos were! I’d also like to point out the look of sheer pain on John’s face when he lifts me up in one of the images… see if you can spot it! I also got a cheeky Under the Vintage Veil booklet in there too… hee hee…

The first few were taking with an instant camera and scanned in / photographed, after the  the pictures are digital!

Images © Modern Vintage Weddings 






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