A unique experience – my first column

Morning everyone. Well, today I’m anxiously waiting by the post box like an overexcited puppy for my sneak preview copy of Unique Bride Magazine, the new bridal sister magazine to Vintage Life, before its first issue hits WH Smiths shelves nationwide tomorrow.

So why am I writing this before I’ve seen the magazine? Well, basically I don’t trust myself not to give away too much (I’m that excited) because this issue contains my first ever national magazine column, a photoshoot I coordinated and also co-styled with the ever-wonderful Meryl Tabner of Home Grown Bride (shot by the fabulous Emma Lucy Photography) and a whole host of exciting content from some of the industry’s most amazing people.

If you really can’t wait until tomorrow, this is the front cover:

Copyright of Dragoon Publishing

And even more exciting, look at the cover articles – Dare to be different is my article! I’m so humbled that it made the cover, and so happy because I know that this is only the beginning. I know that the magazine is just getting bigger and better and it hasn’t even launched yet!

So head on out to WH Smiths tomorrow (form an orderly queue and wait for the nice people to open the shop) and buy it, buy it, buy it! It’s really one for brides who want to do their own thing and stand out from the crowd and I’m so proud to be involved with it!

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