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Morning everyone! I’ve had an exciting couple of days, involving some very cool dress news (more on that later today) so I thought it would be a great time to balance it with some groomswear! We’re just about to start the process of dressing John for the wedding and I found this really helpful, so hopefully you lovely brides and grooms out there will too! The very lovely folks at A Suit That Fits take us through groomswear options!

Choosing your perfect groomswear

About A Suit That Fits

When it comes to finding the perfect suit for your groom – it’s important to consider what suits his style and your special day. It can be difficult to know where to start, but with more affordable, bespoke options on the high street – such as A Suit That Fits - it’s possible to create something that suits him perfectly at an affordable price. For example, a bespoke two-piece suit from A Suit That Fits can be tailored for £259.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing suits for your groom and groomsmen and it’s difficult to know where to start. However, it’s your wedding – so the most important thing is to choose something that you both love. Here, A Suit That Fits shows you where to start.

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What’s the style of your wedding?

Whether you’re planning a traditional affair or something less conventional, your groom’s suit should complement the style of the wedding. Traditionally, morning suits were the order of the day. However, lounge suits are now a popular choice – and can be worn again after the big day. Wearing a three-piece suit will really set the groom apart – and he will still look dashing when he ditches his jacket later on in the day. He could choose anything from a vintage-inspired check, a country tweed or a plain cloth.

When and where are you getting married?

The time of year and location of your wedding will also influence the cloth you choose. A winter wedding will require a heavier wool whereas a breathable mohair is perfect for a summer wedding. If you’re jetting off for a destination wedding, a linen suit might be the order of the day.

Do you have accent colours?

If you have a colour theme, or accent colours, to your big day, it’s a good idea to ensure that the groom’s suit compliments those tones. Elements of his suit could even match the colour theme – such as the contrast stitching on his buttonhole.

What is your groom’s style?

It’s really important to consider your groom’s style when choosing his suit; like when you choose your dress, he needs to look, and feel, himself. If he loves bright colours, the lining of his suit could reflect that, if he loves the great outdoors, a country tweed could suit him well and if he likes simple cuts – a sharp, one-buttoned suit could be perfect for him.

Choose something to compliment him

It’s important that your groom’s wedding suit compliments his complexion and shape – a medium grey suit compliments most skin tones. His shape will also guide how many buttons he chooses for his jacket and waistcoat. Why not also add personal touches – like having your wedding date embroidered on the cuff of his shirt?

If you need any more guidance, or to start creating your own bespoke suit, please visit http://www.aSuitThatFits.com, call 020 3006 7997 or book an appointment with an expert Style Advisor.

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