Wedding nightmares

Morning all – today’s post is a little light hearted. I thought we could all share our wedding nightmares. Every bride I’ve spoken to (and, actually, most grooms) has succumbed, at some point, to the dreaded wedding nightmare. I’ve now had two, one of which was last night! So I thought I’d share mine to get us started, and then you could all tell me yours – a cookie for the most entertaining nightmare!

My nightmares appear to be forming a consistent pattern.

In the dream, I’m always fast forwarded to my wedding day. What that means is, I’m aware it’s not time for my wedding yet and that most of what I need isn’t ready, but for some reason the wedding is here already.

That means my dress still doesn’t fit me properly, I have no hair or make up and I have no idea what the schedule is for the day. All my DIY projects are only half finished and there aren’t enough jars or napkins. There’s no food as we forgot to get a caterer so we have to order pizza from Dominos.

In the first dream, my dress didn’t fit, my mum tried to sew it up but it literally disintegrated as I was wearing it. In the second dream, I was in the wrong dress and waiting for my mum to help me get ready but she didn’t show up until the last second.

In both nightmares, nobody’s been watching the ceremony. It happens, I make my big entrance and everyone’s on their mobile phones or chatting or milling about at the back somewhere and nobody’s paying attention.

In the nightmare last night, everyone saw me before my big entrance as I had to run and hide behind the door with my mum covering me with a bin bag and my bridesmaids missing, before coming in again. In both scenarios we’ve tried to replicate the ceremony so that everyone will watch but I get this sinking feeling the moment’s passed.

So that’s a little insight into the messed up mind of a wedding blogger who really needs to start thinking about something else! I think a lot of the recurring themes in these dreams have to do with the fear of having taken on too much, or the fear of it all passing so quickly that nobody really takes it in.

What are your wedding day nightmares? Have you had any bad dreams? Do they have any basis in your actual fears? I’d love to hear from you!

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