Love in the bluebell woods! Becky & Will’s love shoot

Morning all, some more pure love for a Saturday – the awesomely lovely Liezl Croft sent me this very pretty botanical garden love shoot! You know me and couples in love strolling through gorgeous gardens right? No? Well here you go (I love all things natural)! Here’s what Liezl had to say about the shoot:

“Will found this venue online and suggested that we go there for the shoot. It was a private house and gardens, but got bequeathed to the University of Birmingham in 1944, and is now their Botanical Gardens. Really worth a visit if you are looking for a very tranquil spot to spend a Sunday afternoon.”

“It was a lovely warm, sunny April day, and we had a coffee and a good chat on the terrace about all the little details of their day. This was our opportunity to double check all the bits and pieces, and I even got to offer some advice about a couple of items that they hadn’t thought about. Afterwards we had a leisurely stroll through the gardens, exploring all the different areas, and using it as a backdrop to their photos. Becky and Will make such a fun couple that are obviously very much in love with one other!”

All images © Liezl Croft Photography

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