Beautiful Brighton beach love – Sandra and Mathieu

Morning everyone! I’m particularly happy to show you today’s shoot. Not only because it’s shot by one of my dear friends and one of the most talented photographers I know, Emma from Emma Lucy Photography, but also because, without knowing, I helped make this shoot happen. When Emma asked me to pick a name from short list in order to pick a winner for her competition, I shut my eyes and pointed. This shoot is also extra special to me because inches away from where Sandra and Mathieu are standing in some of the shots is where John asked me to marry him – so it was meant to be for all of us! I’ll hand over to Emma to tell you all about this amazing shoot!

All images © Emma Lucy Photography

“I have a story for you. Girl gets engaged on Brighton beach. Girl loves photography. Girl sees suggested Facebook photography page. Girl likes page. Girl gives the photographer constant support. Girl sees competition. Girl wins competition. Girl flies over from France to Brighton with fiancé. Girl has shoot with photographer and amazing make up artist. Everyone cries a little bit.”

“Sandra became a fan of my Facebook page over a year ago and she has always given me the most amazing support with kind words and sharing links. She had asked me to photograph her wedding in France but unfortunately I was already booked so I was absolutely thrilled when Sara from Under the Vintage Veil picked Sandra’s name from a list of competition entries to have a shoot with me. I wasn’t sure she’d go for it though, being as she was in France and I’m in Brighton.”

“However, it turns out Sandra and Mathieu got engaged on Brighton beach while visiting a good friend – who happens to be an ex colleague of mine! The world is so small it amazes me sometimes. So, Sandra was extra keen, so she booked flights and we got planning. Joyce from Brides and Beauty kindly stepped in to do make up. I can’t praise Joyce enough, I’ve worked with her on a few occasions and not only is she an amazing make up artist, she’s also funny and wonderful to be around.” *I don’t usually butt in on someone else’s narrative, but I have to agree, Joyce from Brides and Beauty is absolutely AMAZING – Sara.

“On Saturday 3rd March, I finally got to meet Sandra and she was everything I knew she would be – light, warm, beautiful and intelligent. Her and Mathieu make an amazing couple as he is all those things too. What should have been a few hours shooting turned into a whole afternoon and we had a wonderful time on Brighton beach, also joined by Phil Steere who second shot for us.”

“We then headed to my absolute favourite tea shop in Brighton, Metrodeco – which is run by the mutual friend of mine and Sandra’s, Helen. We all had tea and cake and just generally had a bloody lovely time. There were definitely a few emotional moments – Sandra and Mathieu are so in love and as a team we all gelled beautifully. Joyce and I are going to visit Sandra and Mathieu once they are married in France for another little shoot and I can’t wait to see the two of them again.”

“I want to wholeheartedly thank Sandra for her continued support and for being such amazing company (Mathieu too!) and I hope you enjoy these photos. It was one of the favourite moments ever of my job and I’m getting prints of this shoot done to adorn the walls in my new flat – to remind me of a wonderful day on Brighton seafront. Can’t you just see the love between these two?!”


Photographer: Emma Lucy Photography
Make up: Brides and Beauty
Indoor location: Metrodeco
Second shooter: Phil Steere


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