Five people you DON’T want around you on your wedding morning

Good morning you lovely people – so we’ve all lost an hour this weekend! So to wake us all up gently, it’s a light-hearted one this Monday morning!

Your wedding morning is an incredibly nerve-wracking time. Not only do you have the pressure of executing what’s arguably the biggest party you’ll ever host, but you’re also about to make a life-long commitment to another human being! Scary stuff huh? So the last thing you want around you during that incredibly jittery preparation time is this lot:

Five people to avoid on your wedding morning

The pessimist

“Uh oh, it looks like rain!”
“Are you sure that dress doesn’t make your arms look fat?”
“Your other half looked a bit on edge, reckon he’ll show up?”

Everyone needs a voice of reason – but nobody needs the worst-case scenario police on their case when they may well already be worried about what could go wrong. If you have someone like this around you, send them on an errand that conveniently ensures they’re too busy (and far away) to talk to you!

The jealous friend

Similar to the pessimist, but rather than just being a pessimist for the sake of it, the jealous friend has an agenda. The jealous friend isn’t happy to see you happy and will, rather than saying things, sit there with a sour face and an unwillingness to help or participate in the joy of the occasion. Not cool.

The good news is, the jealous friend can be spotted a mile off. Quite often she’ll have shown her true colours well in advance of the wedding – so you can make sure she’s not there when you need her the least!

Getting it right – a relaxed bride on her wedding day! Image © Emma Lucy Photography – Hair and accessories by Sarah Roberts.

The control freak

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have someone in charge. In fact, I’d advise having a coordinator or a self-appointed coordinator to take some of the stress out of the day. However, when someone who isn’t in charge starts trying to change things at the last minute, it can test anyone’s patience.

Avoid having to deal with this on your big day by assigning people clearly to jobs. That way if someone starts to step out of line, you’ll already have someone in place to deal with them. Like the jealous best friend, control freaks are easy to spot, so just have somebody briefed to keep a lid on them while you’re getting ready.

The ex!

For obvious reasons, while you may have decided you’re happy to have an ex around on the day, having them there when you’re getting ready (unless you have a completely anomalous relationship to the norm) will be at best aggravating and at worst confusing.

Warring divorced parents

Thankfully my parents have been split up a long time and are perfectly capable of interacting like grown ups. But not everyone is so lucky. So many of my friends have complicated family dynamics to manage, with step-parents involved and parents who don’t speak to each other. If you don’t think your parents can be civil, make sure only one of them is present for the getting ready part of the day.

The last thing you need when you’re about to commit yourself to someone is to see what happens when it goes wrong played out in front of you! Make sure your feet stay warm and keep them separated until after the ceremony!

Can you imagine anyone worse to have around you on your wedding morning? Are you worried somebody’s going to make you nervous or put you on edge? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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