A unique alternative to wedding cake: Gingerbread houses a new trend for 2012

Ahh readers you must know by now that I’m a big fan of the alternative. As much as I love cake, I also like presenting my gorgeous brides with options. And this week I’ve stumbled across something so cool, it’s bound to storm its way into 2012’s wedding trends!

Your Gingerbread House is a new and completely unique service that creates mini gingerbread replicas of a couple’s wedding venue. Like something out of a fairy tale, the replicas are a perfect and magical finishing touch. I caught up with the owner, Laura, to hear all about the process behind this brilliant idea.

“It all started just before Christmas, when I found myself without work for a few weeks and I thought ‘well rather than not do a thing, I’ll get making!’ We used to make gingerbread houses at home each year and I thought it would be great fun to do a big one of my family home. So I got the whole house drawn out, measured and cut the seperate pattern pieces. I did quite a bit of research into the making of the dough – from previous experience I knew it was hard to get the right thickness, strength and durability, so through that research I began to find the endless varieties of gingerbread houses. I found castles, tree houses, churches and really any building you can imagine all made from edible ingredients.”

“I experimented with different types of dough, and have now come up with the perfect mix. The decorating is my favourite, thats where the artistic bit comes in, bringing out the best features of the houses and finding innovative ways of creating the miniature homes. It takes a lot of patience and waiting around for things to dry, but I find I can do my research during those moments and plan the next move!”

“The reactions I get from people when they see the finished product is great! Everyone loves them, I think there is something about miniatures that attracts people and makes them look more intricately. I don’t make the houses look perfect, I think that takes away some of the fun, they should look hand-made and higgledy-piggeldy rather than perfectly prefabricated gingerbread houses!”

So I’m a total gingerbread convert – and I know first hand how good Laura’s cooking is because I grew up being fed at every school event by Laura and her family and their amazing cakes, waffles and goodies. Laura comes from a long line of incredible bakers and this creative projects is one of the best ideas I’ve encountered in a really long time!

To discuss ordering your gingerbread house, email an image of the house you’d like baked and your contact details to Laura at: info@yourgingerbreadhouse.co.uk to start your consultation!

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