What’s the point of wedding blogs?

Let me preface this by saying that, if you’re reading this, then I’m probably preaching to the converted.

But maybe you’ve stumbled on this post by Googling “what’s a wedding blog?” Or maybe you’re a bride who has just discovered this strange new world. Perhaps you’re a supplier who likes to do things the traditional way.

As a blogger, telling people what I do is one of the most frustrating parts of meeting new people. Mainly because, more often than not, they really don’t get it. I end up having to tell people I run a “sort of online wedding magazine.” That just isn’t true.

So if you’re still navigating the world of blogging, let me help you out. Then you can fall in love with the amazing variety and talent on offer, and hopefully come back to visit blogland more often.

The most frequent question I get asked when I tell people what I do is: “what’s the point of wedding blogs when there are so many wedding magazines out there?” It’s also the most annoying question I get asked. I usually grit my teeth, smile and politely tell people the following:

Wedding magazines come out monthly at best. Now, I love magazines. They have their place. I’m an avid reader and cutter-upper of magazines. And it’s true, you can’t cut up a wedding blog and stick it in your scrapbook. But I update my blog every day. Twice, most days. If you’re a saddo like me who hovers around magazine stands on a daily basis hoping for a new magazine to come out and inspire me, then blogs take away that emptiness. They drip feed you wedding prettiness so you can get your daily fix. They give you something new to look forward to every day.

Please don’t throw things at me for saying this, but wedding magazines aren’t necessarily unique or tailored to you. They follow trends – and that’s fine – they serve their purpose. Some are clearly aimed at slightly different markets (primarily where finances are concerned) but it would be very difficult to finance a magazine, say, just for the tattooed bride. Or just for the eco bride. Or just for the rockabilly bride. Or the Indian bride. Or the festival bride. Or the bohemian bride. In blogland, you can find a wedding blog to suit pretty much any character. We each have our niche and our appeal. Blogs create communities around them of like-minded brides, meaning you’re not just discussing generic wedding stuff on a forum – you’re part of a group of people who share interests and who are really passionate about what YOU like.

Have you ever had a magazine editor respond directly to your question? Blogs have comment boxes, making them interactive. While the blogger might not have time to respond to every single comment, if you ask a direct and important question you’re pretty much guaranteed a reply. Wedding magazines are lovely, but unless your reader letter gets picked, there’s no conversation. On a blog there’s a dialogue and a rapport.

On a similar note, magazines are more formal. While that satisfies one need, it’s nice to know about the person behind the blog too. My blog, for example, is as much a personal journey as it is a channel to showcase wedding talent. It’s a place to connect on a human level.

Blogs have search functionalities. If you’re looking for advice on a particular topic, you can search a database. Wedding magazines write about whatever they write about and you have to wait for the next issue and hope what you want to read about comes up. You can also request posts from blogs if you feel really strongly about something. A lot of the time bloggers are open to (and grateful for) ideas!

Finally, you can read a blog anywhere. In a board meeting, at your desk, on the train, waiting for a bus, erm… other generic scenarios. You wouldn’t get away with reading a wedding magazine at work (not that I’m advocating doing no work, I’m just saying we all need brain breaks sometimes.) A blog is an escape route. Oh, and they’re also completely free!

What do you think? Are wedding blogs a waste of time or a valuable resource? Do you “get” the blogging thing or does it all baffle you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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