We have a winner…

I hope I’m about to make someone’s Valentine’s Day. The lovely Emma of Lyric Canvas has chosen a winner from the amazing competition she kindly ran on the blog this week. Last night, Emma sent me the following message that I’d love to share with you.

“Firstly I have to say that all the entries were perfect, because they are all personal to you and unique in their reason for being chosen as important to you.”

The winner is Michelle Wilson for her choice of, “someone who turns my bread into buttered toast”.

As all the entries were great I had have decided to offer 5 others the chance to order their Lyric Canvas with 10% discount.

The runners up are:

Laura Cutress: ‘We can dance if we want to’

albanystreet (Kirsty) ‘I am yours, you can do what you like with me’

Chloe@OurPeaGreenPod  “If I saw the Sun fall down I’d pick it up & make a crown, One that was a perfect fit for you”

Laura Thomas “I love you, you love me, that’s the way it with always be”

Rachel @ arbee cards “There’s more to life than books, you know… But not much more”

To the winner and the runners up, a huge congratulations hug! We’ll be in touch tomorrow to organise your prize and let you know how to claim your discounts. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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