Shouting about it: an exciting development at Under the Vintage Veil

I have some exceptionally exciting news for Under the Vintage Veil readers. I’ve had the official go ahead to shout about this and I think I’m finally ready to share this squee-worthy new development without fear of jinxing it.

So about a month ago I was having a lovely Twitter chat with Rachel (the editor of Vintage Life – in the words of Bruno “no big deal, vassever”) and she mentioned she needed to talk to me. Now, being one of those obsessive email-refreshing types, the suspense nearly killed me but it was so worth the small wait to talk to her.

We chatted on the phone (oh my goodness she is one very lovely lady) and she started to tell me about a new magazine she’s working on. Unique Bride – it launches in April and it’s going to be a hub of serious wedding amazeballs for brides who are a bit off the grid. Something like me.

In fact, the whole ethos of the magazine was sounding so much like the Under the Vintage Veil philosophy I was properly on board – immediately offering up any help with promotion. But Rachel went one better – and here’s where it gets really good.

It’s pretty much my lifelong dream to become a magazine columnist – I used to write long letters to women’s magazines begging them for work experience when I was younger. I pretty much gave up that dream when I saw how much a magazine journalism masters cost and decided to self publish on my blog instead.

So when Rachel casually offered me a column in this incredible new magazine, I can’t actually describe the level of excitement. John came home to find me in the living room. Doing the Snoopy Dance. As you do.

But being the perfectionist and serial worrier that I am, I wanted to make absolutely sure that a.) they got the right girl (for the first few days I was convinced it was a mix up) and b.) that my column was good enough to be printed. With a publication date secured, I felt now was the right time to tell you all that I’ll be regularly writing for Unique Bride Magazine as a columnist and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

I have every faith that this magazine is about to rock the wedding world – and I’d love you all to join me on the journey as I take on this new phase in the blog’s life!

So I urge you all to go and like the Unique Bride Magazine Facebook page, follow the Twitter account and get ready for the arrival of Unique Bride Magazine in your local WH Smiths on the 26th of April! If you’re not a fan of cookie-cutter weddings, get ready for some serious weddingy awesomeness.

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