Getting married – what will you let go of?

Human beings are messed up animals. We all come with years of baggage, history, quirks… some that still serve us and others that hold us back. Entering into a marriage can therefore be looked at in two ways: taking on someone else’s baggage… or an opportunity for you both to let go.

I’m not saying that you need to become some sort of unrealistic, Utopian version of yourself – nor that you shouldn’t accept your other half’s quirks and foibles. Just that marriage is a new start. And entering into a new life together presents an amazing opportunity to reflect and to resolve issues that have overstayed their welcome.

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For example.

I plan to let go of the following:

♥ Jealousy. I’ve never been the most easy going of people and can sometimes find my imagination runs away with me. I’ve chosen to marry John for a reason and a marriage can only work if I let go of jealousy and just trust him. It’s been easier and easier to do that and I think I’m ready to take that leap!

♥ Inferiority. I’ve always had a bit of an inferiority complex, both in relationships and out. It’s not doing me any favours so I’ll be working on saying goodbye to that. When I chose to get married at my old school I didn’t actually realise what a great part of the process this was. It was an amazing school but I wasn’t particularly popular and had a bit of a difficult time there, despite the education system being great and creative. I think a lot of my self-esteem issues stem from trying to be accepted there. Going back to that beautiful place and making a commitment to love someone for the rest of my life in front of everyone who cares about me has to be the most healing thing in the world.

♥ Anxiety and fear. Yes, not so easy with an anxiety disorder, I know. But at least I can let go of trying to control everything. Life is unpredictable and no amount of organisation or panic will change its course.

Short and sweet today folks – what do you plan to let go of when you get married? What do you plan to take forward into your marriage that you think will help you and what will you leave behind you forever? I’d love to hear from you!

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