Getting married – cold feet

Maybe it’s the weather, and the fact that I literally have really, really cold feet right now, despite owning about 500 pairs of slippers, but I’ve been thinking a lot about wedding nerves – and cold feet.

Now, I’m not talking about cold feet when it comes to your man – that’s a whole other issue and I happen to be very excited about the marriage part.

It’s the wedding bit that’s sort of freaking me out.

me, with very cold feet

As the big day edges closer and closer, I can’t help but think of what could have been. I’ve chosen a marquee wedding at my old school. But I could have had a barn… or a field… or a botanical garden… or a MOON WEDDING! OK, maybe not that last one, but you get my drift. While some women might be lamenting the fact that they’ll never sleep with anyone else again, I’m devastated by the fact that once I choose my flowers, that’s it! No more dreaming of elaborate arrangements, no more decisions to make.

Talking to my florist this morning I actually couldn’t choose. Not even the most basic things. I froze. This is the last decision I have to make. After that there’s no changes, no pinning, no scrapbooking… just… the wedding!

So naturally, I’ve started doubting ALL my choices. Everything from the dress to the overall concept. You name it, I’m suddenly horribly unsure.

I’d like to have my cake and eat it. OK, I’d like to have my cake, and then have another five cakes. And weddings. Yes, I’m very greedy.

I’m sure I’m not alone out there – as the date creeps ever nearer, decisions are suddenly final, invites are in the post and there’s no going back with my choices. I can’t help but wonder about the hundreds of other wedding scenarios that never were.

So, if you’re anything like me and you’re feeling the sting of difficult decision-making, here are a few tips:

Trust your instincts. There’s a reason you chose the wedding you chose, don’t overthink it. Just know that when you were in a more decisive frame of mind, you probably made a good decision.

Don’t cancel on suppliers unless there’s a really good reason. Not only will you use up a load of your budget, but it’s just rude. They must have been pretty good for you to book them in the first place, so don’t doubt yourself.

Don’t stagnate. Keep the momentum going with your wedding. If you have DIY projects on the go, keep them up whenever you have time – if you have planning to do, do it regularly. That way you won’t have time to worry about the decisions you’re making.

Remember why you’re getting married. Even if you’re not sure about all of your choices, the important bit is the marriage part. Focus on that and everything else will pale in comparison.

Visualise it all coming together. Make a Pinterest board or a scrapbook with everything you’ve chosen and it will be a lot easier to see how your choices complement each other.

Are you having second thoughts about any of your choices? Have you bought more than one dress or booked more than one supplier as a result? What’s your wedding theme and is it what you wanted? Leave a comment below.

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