“Finding the one” guest post by Charlotte Bridal

When I first started my dress hunt I wrote an advice piece on how to start looking for your gown. But what I was missing was the expert knowledge on how to flatter any figure. Enter my gorgeous friend Charlotte from Charlotte Bridal, who really knows her stuff. If you’re not sure how find a dress to complement your shape, read on.

From the minute you get engaged one of the biggest things you’re probably going to obsess over is your wedding dress. But the problem is there are so many types and styles of gown out there, how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

There are hundreds of articles out there telling you that if you’re pear shaped you should wear this dress, or if you’re apple you should avoid that style. But really there is a much simpler way to find your perfect dress. What you’ve got to remember is; it’s all about you.

The whole point of finding the perfect dress is so that you look and feel perfect on your wedding day. But that can be harder to achieve than you’d think. Sure your fiancé probably thinks you look gorgeous in a scrappy t-shirt and lime green socks (that’s why you love him right?), but to you there might be certain parts of your body you wish were a bit (slimmer/bigger/smoother/more toned – insert as necessary).

Now here is the trick – all those things you don’t like? Hide them. If you don’t like the top of your arms, look for something with sleeves. A bit of a tummy? Clever rouching and draping can make that all disappear. Then take all the bits you totally love about yourself and…Show them off! If you love your legs perhaps think about something tea length (50s gown anyone? Candy Anthony do an amazing range). Or gorgeous curves, why not go for something corseted? A ball gown really accentuates your curves, disguises big hips and, of course, gives you a tiny waist.

Candy Anthony 50s-inspired gowns at the Luxury Wedding show London, image © 2011 Christopher Dadey

If you’re still unsure the whole concept of which style, the best people to talk to are wedding professionals. Something else to consider is the time of year your wedding is being held. You might wish to cover up the tops of your arms, but if your wedding is in the middle of August, fitted sleeves might not be a practical option. This is where the professionals come in.

A good wedding dress designer or sales person should take the time to talk through with you about what you’re looking for and be able to assess what might work for you and what you should avoid. In the case of summer sleeves for example, I would suggest perhaps a bell sleeve or an off the shoulder drape.

Have you thought about your shape when choosing your wedding dress? Or have you fallen in love with a gown for completely different reasons. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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