A Mad Max-inspired engagement shoot

The very best thing about being a wedding blogger is that feeling when something truly creative and exciting arrives in your inbox. I’m so excited to share these Mad Max-themed shots with you today! I’ll hand over to Dominic of Dominic Clark Photography to tell you more about the concept behind this fantastically creative shoot:

“Benji & Fiona came to me last year to photograph their wedding and mentioned that they were getting married in an old cinema in Bath. The idea was thrown around to some movie themed engagement shoots to really celebrate their love of film. The project grew and grew and they gave me four themes/movies to work with. The themed were Mad Max/apocalypse, indie rom com, film noir and a zombie movie.”

“Our first shoot, the apocalypse movie, took place at RAF Stenigot and we spent a couple of hours (in the cold and neither of them really dressed for the occasion) just walking around and really working with each other on what they wanted to show and talking about what they really loved about these types of movies.  Photographers dream about having the ultimate free reign with a project and that’s exactly what Benji & Fiona gave me with this. The opportunity to really interpret their vision through my lens and we created something truly unique to them.”

All images © 2012 Dominic Clark Photography

 To get in touch with Dominic about his photography or to book him for a wedding, find him on his website, on Facebookor on Twitter (@dom_clark) 

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