10% off the Viva Vintage range at Ananya Cards for Under the Vintage Veil readers

Morning everyone – have I got a treat for you or what? Popular stationery designer, Ananya Cards as seen… well, pretty much everywhere, is offering Under the Vintage Veil readers 10% off the “Viva Vintage Range” until June 2012.

Ananya is an ancient sanskrit word for “without equal”. And Ananya Cards designs are certainly unique in the UK marketplace. Fusing a vibrant Indian style with contemporary British designs, Ananya Cards caters for a diverse cultural market. This latest Viva Vintage range has placed Ananya Cards squarely as a real front runner in the stationery world for its wide offering and ability to offer bespoke and unique designs for any couple.

If you’ve fallen as in love with the Viva Vintage designs as I have and you’d like to order your wedding stationery from Ananya Cards, simply get in touch through the Ananya Cards website to see the full Viva Vintage range. To claim your 10% Under the Vintage Veil reader discount, quote AWE10 as the discount code before 30th June 2012.

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