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Today I have an extra special treat for you! I love working with other bloggers and today my lovely friend Sonia from Want That Wedding is here to give you some very unique wedding inspiration. Tissues at the ready, folks, this beautiful board was inspired by The Notebook. So here’s Sonia to tell you all about it:

I’m so happy and honoured to do a guest post for Sara, I just adore this blog and regularly check in to see what delights she’s sharing with you all. The Notebook is one of my all time favourite movies, when I say it makes me cry, I’m not lying… in fact it makes me sob!

The Notebook {for those of you who have not seen the movie} is a love story set in the deep south of America in the 1930s. It’s a poor boy meets rich girl loveathon, they fall in love, her parents hate him as he’s poor, so they split, he moves away, she writes and writes to him for years and years to no avail… So she agrees to marry someone else but alas she cannot let her love for him fade. So she visits the plantation house where they first made love {he fantasied about buying the house one day to turn into his dream family home}. The story shifts back and forth between their story and the story of an old man reading a notebook to an old woman who’s in a home and suffers with Alzheimer’s… As for the rest of the story YOU MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! {and I defy you not to sob your heart out}.

I’ve always thought The Notebook would make the ultimate wedding ‘theme’ so here is my inspiration mood board, enjoy… Lots of Love Sonia xxx

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