The Big Debate: The ex factor

I’m the jealous type. It’s not easy to admit that. But quite frankly, if it were up to me, I’d have reality wiped out in favour of fervently believing I’m the only woman J’s ever laid eyes on, let alone anything else.

I’m also a horrible hypocrite – because I’m also still good friends with a few of my exes. And John, always impossibly cool and laid back, has no issue with this.

So when it comes to the wedding invites, thankfully there are no serious exes that are still in John’s life, which saved me the trouble of exhibiting my green-eyed monster and sulking like a child. But it did leave me with a twinge of guilt writing the names of people from my past on the list. I’m well aware that, had the situation been reversed, I probably wouldn’t have been quite so accepting.

So I put the question to my lovely Twitter readers – some of you answered with a very firm “hell no”. I get that. If you have a vivid imagination like mine the last thing you need is it playing silly games with you on your wedding day. Others, however, said that if you’re all friends, there’s no issue. So I figure everyone’s circumstances are different. I have, however, put together a little guide for those of you considering inviting exes to your wedding.

So folks, I’d love to hear your stories. Did you have an ex at your wedding or are you planning to? Is it a no go? And is there actually anyone out there in the world whose ex walked them down the aisle, Ross from Friends style? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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