My first wedding show – being around people!

It’s a lonely life for a blogger sometimes. Not that my cats aren’t great company, but being self employed, I realised that I’m in serious danger of becoming a crazy cat lady. More so. In fact, when people come round I’ve got into the habit of poking them in the face to check that they’re real. It’s not making me popular (sorry guys).

I’d wondered for a while about doing a wedding fair, but I wanted it to be the right environment. Going to wedding fairs as a bride can be quite daunting, particularly if they’re in huge halls, packed with suppliers throwing leaflets your way. I wanted to exhibit at a fair where I could really talk to people, find out what they’re doing for their big day, a place to actually connect with brides rather than shove leaflets at them and send them on their way.

When I first heard about the Alternative Wedding Fair, back in its infancy, I knew it was going to be special. I immediately emailed Heidi to book my slot. Then I panicked. What on earth should a blogger do at a wedding fair? I’m not selling anything, there’s no tangible return on my investment. But then I told myself to trust my instincts. It’s all very well and good sitting in front of a computer all day and watching stats climb. That’s nice. But what’s even nicer is getting the chance, in person, to gauge how people respond to what I’m doing.

So I got myself a banner made (and I have to credit the amazing I am Nat again for turning a hi-res version around so quickly) and, Sunday morning, set off for the fair armed with hundreds of bridal SOS pamphlets I’d made in a panic the day before and all my DIY projects.

It looked something like this (Images courtesy and copyright of the very lovely and efficient Claire of Claire Graham Photography):

Anyone who’s followed my personal journey will know I’m not a big people person. It’s not that I can’t talk to people, it’s more that they sort of terrify me. I guess it comes from years and years of feeling quite a lot like the rest of the human race is in on a big, secret “how to be normal” guide. And I got skipped.

Or, in laymans terms, I’ve always felt inferior. In general. To everyone.

Yesterday was a real eye opener – it made me realise that this blog has been a form of therapy to me. It’s helped me to find my voice, my niche and my confidence. Yesterday I was selling something I’ve created and I’m actually quite proud of. I didn’t feel any of the panic I thought I’d feel.

I felt happy and excited to be talking to bride after bride about her wedding. I felt thrilled to be around so many talented exhibitors. I felt on top of the world. I wasn’t even phased when I realised I’d been meeting new people with chocolate all over my face. Self worth is a lesson I can’t believe I waited so long to learn. The only thing I’ll say is, in hindsight, I did look a bit like I was selling props. In fact, someone tried to start a bidding war for the flowery phone! Perhaps next time I’ll think of a more creative way to showcase what the blog is about.

But anyway, I love being surrounded by talent and creativity. It’s an environment to really thrive in. I may have been a bit overexcited.

In fact, here are a few more pics to give you an idea of the amazing things on display, courtesy of Carla Thomas Photography to give you an idea about the day. I have to give a special mention to Charlotte of Restoration Cake, who put up with me constantly stealing her red velvet cake samples. And who stole the show with her fierce modeling. I’m a bit in love (with Charlotte and the cake)!

Did we get a chance to chat at the Alternative Wedding Fair? Come and say hi, and please keep in touch!

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