A pastel-pretty Spring wedding

I love pastel weddings – especially as this gorgeous real bride is none other than Lucy from Lulu Locket Photography – isn’t she just stunning??? And we’re so psychic twins with the mismatched pastel bridesmaids dresses. I have a new dress crush. I hope you guys enjoy this, shot by Anna at Schutters. Here’s Lucy to tell you all about her day:

“Ahh my wedding, my wedding! 11 months of planning, 1 visit to Jenny Packham – 2nd dress out of five chosen, one spring themed cake sought and found, one collossal argument, one make up and hug (mother of the bride), one break up and make up between the same couple = two re-adjustments to the table plan, 60 felt flower brooches made for the ladies, 60 sweetie bags of rhubarb & custard tied (by yours truly), one dream venue found within a week of searching and bam you have my wedding!!!”

“I was married on 13th March 2010 at St Andrews church in Farnham by the lovely Rvd Andrew Tuck (love the name) and followed by the reception at the beautiful Northbrook Park! My husband proposed to me on Richmond Green in Richmond-upon-Thames where we lived and met. I thought we were visiting friends but secretly he had found a lovely hotel on Richmond hill and booked a table at the divine Petersham Hotel. I had no idea of course! Unfortunately only 15 minutes prior to the proposal I had rolled down the stairs in Reiss (really hard wooden stairs btw) & then within 10 minutes of said accident spilt half of my scolding hot tea-to-go down my hand – which resulted in me cursing profusely and scaring away one poor old lady who was sitting peacefully on a bench! As a result my poor husband was a bit nervous about popping the question but he didn’t have to be! I was over the moon and in such shock I needed him to ask me twice!!!”

“I had a very clear idea for my wedding from the beginning! It had to enscapsulate spring in every way! Spring is my favourtie time of year from easter eggs to the flowers, to the pastel shades and essentially new life/rebirth! I knew that I wanted a light, clean fresh feel and a vintage edge to it!”

“The first thing I thought about was my dress! I knew from the very beginning it had to be Jenny Packham! I had no doubt and wasn’t interested in looking anywhere else! I’m very little (5ft 2″) and knew that I was never going to wear a meringue for fear of being laughed at! Plus I have reflux disease (no pity please) it just means I can’t wear corsets, eat spicy food or drink red wine! So I knew I wanted my dress to be comfortable, preferably made out of chiffon! I made my appointment on their very long waiting list in London within days of my proposal! I tried on five dresses and knew it was the second dress straight away! It made me feel like a woman, it made me feel a bit like Grace Kelly in the movies! I tripped down the stairs in the shop though, damn sample sizes made for models with model height! From there I decided my bridesmaids would have chiffon dresses too, short/empire line and easy to dance in!”

I have three bestest friends, Greer, Marina and Kathryn. Three very different girls. One pale redhead, one brazilian/american and one english rose! I had a dilemna! There really wasn’t one colour that would suit all! So I said, sod it – they’ll each have their own colour. Pale green for my redhead, pale yellow for my brazilian and pale pink for my english rose! It gave birth (like it) to the pastel spring-like canvas of the whole day! My flowergirls were my nieces and my nephew Oliver was pageboy. The colours of my bridesmaids seeped into their dresses too, in the sashes around their waist. Luckily Annabel is a pale beauty, Georgie is an english rose and Angelina a spanish princess – so they were made for their colours! All credit for these dresses goes to Rena Zhang!!!

“I didn’t have a fixed idea of what kind of venue I wanted but I did know what I didn’t want! A hotel that had a reception room that was also used for conferences and no clashing carpet with wallpaper please!! It was either going to be a barn or a light banquet style room! I chose the latter! Northbrook is situated quite closely to where I live in Farnham. It is a family business so when you book the venue it is yours and yours alone! The Vine Room which I chose, if more often than not used for civil ceremonies and a marquee or the orangerie for the reception. I couldn’t understand this as the Vine Room to me was the most impressive of them all! It was a perfect blank canvas!! The lady who so cleverly garnished our room was the lovely Fiona Curry! She has an encyclopedic knowledge of flowers and basically said, here are the spring flowers you can choose from. I then went ‘ooh that’s pretty, and that one, and that one!’ and voila we had our bouquets & centre pieces! So Tasty were our caterers for the day and were amazing! No much more to say here except for a cheesy filo starter, lamb cutlet main and meringue and rhubarb dessert! Great evening buffet too! We had a fabulous live band in the form of ‘The Famous Five’! They even practiced with me a couple of weeks before a song I wished to sing to my parents. Bit cheesy I know, but I sang ‘Best day’ by Taylor Swift! Ok I’m not ashamed, I love that song!”

Supplier credits

Jenny Packham (dress & shoes)
Room Ten (husband’s morning suit)
Northbrook Park
Alison J Swayne (cake)
Fiona Curry (flowers)
Schutters Photography
So Tasty (Caterers)
Felt Flower Brooches (my friend Marta Paredes)
Kelly Geeson Designs (stationery)

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