Some New Years thoughts and resolutions

Dear wedding land,

This year you changed my life.

I’d like to start by looking back over the year. This time last year, I was a fresh uni graduate with a new boyfriend, working on a freelance project in the Galilee. John and I were apart for our first ever New Year’s Eve as a couple as he had to work in the UK, but he’d just left after flying out for three days to see me.

After less than six months together, we were already talking about marriage. We’d had a frank conversation during his visit about rings, proposals and marriage in general. When I got back from my contract I moved straight in with John. In January, on a freezing cold beach in Brighton, John asked me to marry him.

I remember the somewhat desperate Facebook status I put up shortly after my engagement: “Where do I start with planning a wedding?”

Well, after several false starts, I decided I’d jot down my experiences and start a little wedding blog. The aim was just to find other people to talk to about the whole wedding world thing – and to perhaps impart some newly acquired wedding knowledge.

Six months later and my life has completely changed. I went freelance with my PR work and dedicated the rest of my time to building up a little community around the blog. In six short months I’ve accumulated 2000 new Twitter friends, a regular readership, I’ve started going to events, getting dressed up, meeting new people, I’ve directed photoshoots, I’m making money doing something I love and that’s mine – and I can finally say (my lifelong dream) that I’m a journalist.

I get to look at pictures like these all day:

Images © Satureyes, Nazarin Montag, Laura McCluskey, Emma Lucy Photography, Catwalk Wedding

My life has changed beyond recognition. Last year I was a fresh-faced (ha!) uni graduate who looked like this (yes, everyone laugh at the hair – OK don’t, I was growing out an ill-advised hair cut…):

This year I’m a self-employed journalist and PR. I work on my own terms (read in my PJs), have thousands of amazing people in my life (you all rock) and am marrying the love of my life. I also get to do shoots like this:

Images © Emma Lucy Photography and Tammi Nguyen

I have no idea what I’m doing, where this is going or what happens next!

What I do know is that you guys helped to build this new life for me. Everyone who’s read the blog this year, contributed a piece or shared their beautiful wedding pictures with me. Everyone who’s encouraged me when I felt low, everyone who’s sent me happy little messages reminding me of what’s important.

Some resolutions for the new year

♥ Continue to grow the readership of the blog, reaching vintage lovers everywhere, featuring in magazines and at wedding shows to wave at the world and say “hello, I’m here.”

♥ Develop the site until it looks exactly the way I want it to!

♥ Grow the directory to the point where it’s the must-go little black book of vintage suppliers for brides!

♥ Continue to make friends online and in person with the amazing people in this industry.

♥ Schedule my bloody posts in advance! Starting now!

♥ Stay on top of my depression and be kind to myself when I can’t.

♥ Listen to the overwhelming positivity that’s handed my way instead of getting upset about one or two dissenting voices.

♥ Have a really wonderful wedding that I’ll remember forever!

♥ Make a fresh start in married life – eating well, laughing and loving – the way life should be!

What are your new year’s resolutions? What have you learned in 2011 and what are you looking forward to in 2012? As always I’d love to hear from you!

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