Engagement shoot competition: vote for a winner!

Well the engagement shoot competition is now closed for entries and the lovely folks at AphroditeNet Wedding Photography have selected their five favourite entries, based on the stories you told and the wonderful locations you chose.

We had so many amazing and emotional entries and in the end, Carol and Tony from AphroditeNet chose the five entries that moved them the most.

So now it’s over to you – who do you want to win the engagement shoot?

Please vote using the poll at the bottom of this post! Voting closes 7pm Friday 16th December 2011

♥ Olivia and Matthew ♥

If you could choose any location for your shoot, where would it be and why?

“There are two places that I would love to have a shoot done, both exact opposites, I can’t decide, someone else would need to choose for me, I procrastinate far too much! The first is Newlands Corner near Guildford, there are the most amazing views and it is a little piece of heaven in Surrey, you can get lost in all its wonderment. We both love the outdoors and Newlands Corner is truly magical! It also means that we can include our beloved pooches, very apt considering they masterminded our engagement!
The second would be at Fairoaks Airport in Surrey, Matt worked there as a fireman when we first started seeing each other. However that’s not my main reason. My main reason is Top Gun. Now I’m sure, deep down, every girl has a secret Top Gun fantasy thing going on right? Well the best bit for me is that actually it doesn’t need to be a fantasy! Matt is Maverick, well in so many words. He’s a pilot in the Royal Navy and I’m very proud of him and his uniform, how much fun would it be to turn that pride into romantic, fun photo shoot love?!”

Can you tell us the story of your proposal?

“Matthew took me camping, in October, it rained, I was not impressed (especially as the last camping trip had ended up with an axe through his hand, and operations etc etc….) but Matthew being in the forces means he’s pre-disposed to ‘roughing it’. After four nights of lovely camping with two wet, muddy, smelly dogs I thought we had one more to go, but I was told to shape up and ship out! Horrified (read thrilled) that our break was cut short, I found Matt to be driving in the opposite direction of home. I kept schtum, intrigued and bewildered. We arrived in Moreton-in-Marsh and stopped in a gravel car park by some dodgy looking garages, nothing brings Matt more pleasure than my confusion. A rather well dressed chap appeared to take us to our…… LUXURY PRIVATE COTTAGE! Boy done good, think I, boy done very good, when I realise we have a jacuzzi to ourselves in the garden! Champagne and hot tubs tend to make the October weather so much more bearable! Even the dogs were enamoured at the luxury! After mucho bubbles, one dresses for our 27 course (slight exaggeration, but only slight!) dinner, when I’m told something has been forgotten!
Shock horror……. what could this be, I hear you ask? It was a little furry dog with a gold ring bag on her collar, and one very handsome hero on bended knee……..”

Ffion and Simon ♥

If you could choose any location for your shoot, where would it be and why?

“Simon and I met snowboarding in the French Alps, lived in the Alps, Engaged in the Alps, so we would love to have our engagement shoots on a mountain, and our favourite place here in North Wales is called Clwydian Range, looking down on my family home where we will be getting married – perfect. We would also like to bring kites into the shoots as we are also big kitesurfers.”

Can you tell us the story of your proposal?

“March 2011 in Avoriaz, French Alps, France. We where having the time of our lives snowboarding with 22 of our friends. Midweek came and I was feeling a bit worse for wear after the night before, and wanted a lie in. But the girls wouldn’t let me stay behind, they told me that we were having a ‘glam day’ on the slopes and it would make me feel better, so we put make up on, did our nails and off we wen’t snowboarding! After a few hours, I ended up snowboarding with Simon. Up we went on the Mosset chair lift to the highest mountain in the area, we came over the brow and I just managed to see all 22 of our friends on the highest peak. We boarded off the chair lift, took our boards off and started walking towards our friends. A few yards before arriving at the peak, Simon got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I screamed, and nearly caused an avalanche, all our friends where popping Champagne bottles open, playing music and dancing on top of the mountain in the snow. It was the best day of my life, such perfect blue skies looking over the beatuiful French Alps with all our awesome friends. It was great snowboarding back to the chalet on Champagne!”

♥ Charlotte and Ben ♥

If you could choose any location for your shoot, where would it be and why?

“I think a woodland photoshoot would be really romantic, we love taking strolls in the woods. The perfect time of year would be spring with snow drops and bluebells everywhere.”

Can you tell us the story of your proposal?:

“He wrote ‘Marry Me’ in tealight candles, I came home from a really long day at work and it was a lovely surprise!”

♥ Kathy and Lee ♥

If you could choose any location for your shoot, where would it be and why?

“Danson Park. Just over 4 years (Sept 07) ago Lee moved away from Nottingham where we both lived (separately) to attend Greenwich uni to persue his dream to be a paramedic. We had been together for two years and though I wasn’t going to be living with him and it was 167 miles from my door to his (driven MANY times) we stayed together. I had always said I didn’t want to live in London it too busy, too built up etc. On my first weekend visiting him he took me to Danson Park to prove me wrong. By April 2008 i’d handed in my notice at work and rented out my house to come and live with him. Danson Park had changed my mind (and Lee of course).”

Can you tell us the story of your proposal?

“Lee has never really been the romantic type and although I’d love to say we had a beautiful moment of a proposal, we don’t. Earlier on in the year we had a beautiful baby girl and as she was in hospital and having checks etc all of her details were stored as ‘baby Funnell’ which is my surname but not Lee’s or hers. It was really upsetting me having to change it every time I booked her in anywhere. Being aware of how upsetting I found this Lee being Lee one evening whilst eating a sheperds pie and watching Corrie simply said “so when are we getting married then?” Not romantic not flamboyant, just us and the way we are. Wouldn’t swap him for anything.”

♥ Lizzie and Andrew ♥

If you could choose any location for your shoot, where would it be and why?

“I would choose Kew Gardens as its one of my favourite places and has so many beautiful spots, no matter the weather. Andy and I go there a lot, lots of romantic walks, picnics and huddling round coffees in the cafes there if it’s a little colder. It’s such a beautiful place and holds so many wonderful memories for me, so I think it would be great to be able to incorporate this in to our wedding and engagement memories as photos.”

Can you tell us the story of your proposal?

“Andy and I took a trip to Rome two years ago almost exactly and had what we have always since called the best night of our lives. We walked to the Trevi Fountain from our fabulous hotel, and had a fabulous dinner with wine, candlelight and roses to boot. We were in a small restaurant dining al fresco just in one of the streets off of the Piazza Di Trevi.
So this year, Andy kept going on about taking me back to Rome. So we eventually booked it and went on 15th September. We got there tired from travelling and I thought Andy seemed a little stressed! That evening, he suggested that we go back to my favourite place in the world – the Trevi Fountain to make a wish in the fountain itself and then have some dinner. So we went along and had the most wonderful, romantic dinner with candles, roses, gorgeous Italian dinner and fabulous wine. We were just having post-dinner coffee and relaxing in the very warm street and looking at all the passers by, when there was a lull in the street. So Andy, looking slightly fidgety all of the sudden, looked at me and said that he had something he needed to tell me.
He said that he has made a few wishes in fountains and on eye lashes this year and has four wishes built up. He said the first wish was that he would come back to Rome. The second was that we would come back together and recreate our most romantic night in the Trevi Fountain again, the third is that I would say yes when he asked me to marry him, and bringing out the most beautiful ring in the most gorgeous black soft box with gold lining, he said and the fourth is that I would like this ring!!!
It was the most amazing moment of my life, and unfortunately, I think I said “oh my god, Oh my god” over and over again for the next 20 minutes whilst crying until I finally realised I hadn’t actually said yes or put my ring on yet!
A couple that were sitting and dining across from us in the street suddenly realised what was going on and came over a little while later and said a huge congratulations to us and asked if we wanted our picture taken. We did and they then told us that they were actually on their honeymoon so it was just lovely.
We wandered round the Piazza again for a while, I was just reeling but now I can’t wait to marry this fantastic man!”

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