DIY: Make your own fabric and lace jars

Ah the simple jar – you’ve come under a bit of fire recently! People say you’re overdone, that your day has passed! Well, my little glass friend, I have to say I completely disagree.

For brides on a budget, jars are an amazing tool and, used effectively, can really make your decor pop! For the last few months at Under the Vintage Veil HQ, nobody has been allowed in my house without first donating a bag of jars. They’re easy enough to get right? We all eat pasta, honey, jam, curry sauce… the list goes on. You can also put pretty much anything in jars – you can use them as place settings, fill them with sweets, flowers, tealights… I plan to do all of the above!

So here’s one way to use jars that’s effective and is guaranteed to make a big splash at very little cost (shot by the lovely Emma of Emma Lucy Photography)

All images © Emma Lucy Photography

You will need

  • A load of jars (as many as you have time to prepare for the wedding)
  • Cute floral fabric
  • Rolls of lace
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue

Step 1 – you start with… a jar!

Step 2 – Cut out a square of fabric small enough to fit on the front of the jar

Step 3 – Cut it into a pretty shape

Step 4 – Get glue happy and stick the fabric onto the jar

Step 5- Cut a length of lace and tie it in a bow around the top of the jar

Et voila, we have a finished product!

And you can get creative, glue lengths of lace or full lengths of fabrics around the jar, use them however you like, use different fabrics that complement your colour scheme or theme. In fact, here are a few I made earlier!

Stick around for my next tutorial after Christmas where I’ll be showing you how make one of these floral-lined suitcases…

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