Wedding morning action plan – a bride’s guide to staying calm

Happy Sunday lovelies! As we know, Sunday is all about being mellow – except I can think of one exception: my wedding day, which happens to fall on a Sunday.

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I’ll be honest: I’m not nervous about the actual wedding. I’m sure once I’ve got the “big entrance” out of the way, I’ll be fine. But the thought of spending the morning in nervous anticipation (my ceremony doesn’t start until three) does, I’m not gonna lie, fill my stomach with butterflies. So how will I make sure I’m calm, happy and ready to make the biggest commitment of my life? Here are a few tips I’ve collected from wellbeing experts over the last few months:

  • Delegate: The days leading up to your wedding are bound to be stressful. You’ve probably spent a good few months, if not years, if not all your life planning this one day, and brides often end up running around like a headless chicken – so much so that they can suddenly lose a significant amount of weight. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d say there are healthier diet options out there, so delegate as much as you can:
    – Use your groomsmen. They are there for a reason. Employ them to ferry guests back and forward, build things, carry things and sort out last-minute logistics.
    – Use your bridesmaids. Firstly for support – having your friends around you can only help (just make sure you’ve picked the right friends…) but also to help you with last-minute decor details, liasing with suppliers and making sure you’re relaxed and glowing for the big day.
    – Hire a planner, stylist or coordinator. They don’t have to cost the earth – and that little investment in someone you know understands your vision and plans for the day can really take the pressure off. Do you really want to spend your morning styling your venue or figuring out where the caterers have got to? Hiring a stylist or planner doesn’t have to  mean you’ve lost control of your wedding. Have an honest conversation about what you need doing and they’ll take some of the worry off your shoulders.
  • Luxuriate: Let’s face it – on your wedding day, it will be all eyes on the bride. Rather than putting pressure on yourself to look perfect, focus on feeling wonderful instead. Take this chance to feel like a queen – luxuriate in long baths, give yourself fun facials, pedicures and manicures. Again, these things can be done on the cheap, but trust me, you’ll feel relaxed and expensive. The night before your wedding in particular, take a really long bath a few hours before bedtime.
  • Reflect: Your wedding isn’t just an excuse to throw a big party (even if I do frequently refer to my own as “my white dress party”… sorry John). Your wedding is you making a huge, life-altering commitment. You’re making a promise to spend the rest of your life with somebody. It’s therefore crucial to give yourself some time out. Even if it’s just a walk the evening before the wedding to clear your head (that will also help you sleep better). Take some quiet time to think about the step you’re about to take and make sure you’re at peace with that – then remind yourself that the only thing that matters is the fact that you’ll leave the celebrations a married woman.
  • Nourish yourself: The trick, I’ve been told, is to keep eating. Make sure you’re eating three healthy meals a day – and your wedding morning is no exception. Even if you feel sick with nerves, force something down as you may not realise how happy you are. Put a bridesmaid on feeding duty in advance if you don’t trust yourself to enforce this. Try drinking a mint, ginger or camomile tea before you eat to settle your stomach. Natural remedies are also really helpful – keep a bottle of Rescue Remedy close to hand and try some essential oils. A few drops of oil blends like Restful Sleep will help to soothe your nerves.
  • Breathe: Oh the difference a few deep breaths makes! Just constantly remind yourself that details don’t matter – and don’t sweat the small stuff. Nothing ever goes exactly according to plan, so if you feel a panic coming on, just breathe, slowly. Watch your breath for a few minutes until the anxiety passes.

    Do you have any relaxation tips to share? Leave them in the comment box below – and have a lovely, relaxing wedding morning! 

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