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This week I ran a competition to re-name the blog. Out of hundreds of fantastic suggestions, I’ve now shortlisted just THREE names!

ALL the suggestions were wonderful and thank you so much for the effort and kindness. However, I’ve chosen these three names because out of all of them, they stuck with me the most, and they felt the most “me”. When I said them out loud, they sounded right. So without further ado, here are the three finalists and why I’ve chosen them:

Vintage Rose Bride – first suggested by Lyndsey

I chose this for several reasons. One, it’s evocative. It makes me think of everything the blog represents. Two, I LOVE roses – I have them everywhere in my house – I even have a sign that says “antique roses” in my bathroom – I’m obsessed. Three it means a lot to me and my family history. Both my grandmothers have “Rose” in their name. My grandmother on my father’s side, who passed away last year, was Shoshana, which means Rose in Hebrew. It therefore means a lot to me personally.

Ditsy Floral Bride – first suggested by Natalie

It’s cute, it’s quirky, it’s fun and it fits the tone of the blog. I love ditsy florals (you should see my wedding craft box!) and I like that it’s also a play on words. Anyone who knows me will know I can be a bit ditsy (in a nice way).

Under the Vintage Veil – first suggested by Lizzie

Ah, this captures the essence of the blog so well. I think the blog is more than just a vintage wedding blog. It talks about the emotions, the fears and the hidden truths behind the detail of the big day. Moreover, I’m wearing a veil that both my great grandmother and my mother wore on their respective wedding days. It has a literal and personal meaning for me too. I also like how it sounds as a brand name.

SO hundreds of pounds of prizes at stake – three very different names for very different reasons. It’s now up to you! Voting closes Tuesday 29th November at 8pm so hurry and get your vote in quick!

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