The shabby chic story so far…

Today I’ll be honest – I was sitting in front of my computer at a complete loss as to what to write about today. And then the lovely Laura Francis pointed out that she’d like to hear more about my own wedding plans.

So I thought I’d fill you lot in on our wedding story so far and what our plans are!

Well, it all started in May last year when I left university, not even a graduate yet and started a copywriting contract at a recruitment company. It was there that I met John and we very quickly became an item. It became obvious within weeks that this was the real deal and within a few months we’d moved in together – within six months we were engaged!

Once we’d given our friends and family time to digest the whirlwind-ness of it all, we started planning our big day. It seems weird to think it was less than a year ago that I was newly engaged and had no idea about weddings, planning and the world of wedding blogs just wasn’t on my radar.

We initially booked a barn wedding venue that totally didn’t work out but quickly recovered when my mum had the fantastic idea of getting married at my old school, Kidbrooke Park . I couldn’t believe it hadn’t occurred to me before to do that – I know the staff, I know the area, my mum lives minutes from the venue and it has a special meaning to me – what could be more perfect?

So we booked an August wedding – and I became obsessed with all things matrimonial – I actually couldn’t stop talking about it, and suddenly had the idea just to write some of it down. It started as a hobby, but very quickly grew into an infatuation. At the time I was working in PR an exhausting 2.5hour commute away. I was getting in at about 8pm and spending almost every evening writing. It was through the blog that I really started to find my swing with the planning. While I always loved shabby chic trends, I had no idea of the amazing things I could do with my wedding until I started exploring the blogging world. The rest, as you know, is history – the blog went full time and my life became this lovely little business!

So what’s in the pipelines so far? Possibly one of the only Jewish, shabby chic weddings! So here’s what I’m up to, decor-wise:


  • Making (possibly) the world’s first shabby chic chuppah!
  • So far I’ve made 42 metres of paper bunting and that’s just the beginning!
  • Customising vintage suitcases with ditsy floral fabrics and lace.
  • Making my own shabby chic wedding invitations
  • Customising jam jars with ditsy floral fabrics and lace.
  • Making my own photo frame wall.
Car boot sales
  • Sourcing hundreds of tea cups and saucers.
  • Accumulating a ridiculous stock of lace tablecloths.
  • Any other props (such as a very cool vintage phone) that I can find.
  • Accumulating old family wedding photos to frame around the venue.
  • Styling one of the rooms as a vintage tea room, complete with soft furnishings, a vintage polaroid photobooth and all the china we’ve collected.
  • Sourcing mismatched shabby chic jugs for flowers.
Nine months to go and so far everythings going to plan beautifully, I have a dress (can’t say too much about that, Mr. SCB is reading), Rachel Simpson shoes, my great grandmother’s veil, everything but the videographer booked and I’ll be working with an exceptionally talented stylist who’s going to implement all of this while I get ready!
So how far along are you guys in your wedding plans? Are you stuck on any decisions? Have you found all of your suppliers? Leave me some comments!

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