The big debate #1 – Should you change your appearance for your wedding?

In the last few months I can honestly say I’ve been offered every beauty treatment under the sun in anticipation of my upcoming wedding! Here are a few of the helpful tips I’ve received!

- You should definitely get a fake tan, Sara, you’re so pale, you don’t want to be pale in your wedding photos do you?

- If you want your hair to look nice for the wedding you have to start now, you’ll need X Y and Z expensive treatments (this is on top of the slowly going blonder I had chosen to do on my own).

- I don’t understand people who don’t bleach their teeth for their wedding!

- Have your eyebrows threaded – not plucked or waxed, definitely threaded.

- Get your legs waxed, even if people can’t see them, you want your legs to feel good on the day right?

- Fake nails are a must! You can’t look scruffy on your wedding day!

And, of course my all-time favourite:


Image (c)

I recently stumbled across this abomination of a TV show (warning this is NOT a joke) it’s called Bridalplasty , a show where brides-to-be compete to win different plastic surgery options before their wedding! As they get eliminated they are harshly told their wedding won’t be perfect!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should turn up to your wedding in a burlap sack having just run a marathon through a hedge maze, but surely your wedding is about MARRYING THE PERSON YOU LOVE! It’s not a fashion parade!

I’m feeling the pressure at the moment to lose weight, give myself a “healthy glow”, dye my hair – but is it all really necessary? Surely I want to be a glossier, happier version of me for the day, not Wedding Barbie! (Unless it’s Vera Wang barbie!)

Beauty isn’t cookie cutter – and not everyone needs to be nipped, tucked and “improved” to look and feel gorgeous!

What do you think? Is there too much pressure on brides to look perfect? Leave me some comments!

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