Saying No!

I have a confession to make… (and I’m aware I’m putting myself in rather a vulnerable position here – kind of like telling people you’re ticklish!) I’m terrible at saying “no”.

I find myself dragged into going to events, parties etc. I’m not always up for – helping a friend when I ought to be helping myself – working late as a favour… and I’m aware I need to be firmer and more confident in my “no”.

But I’m about to embark upon a whole new test of wills.

I’ve been really lucky – so far I’ve had lovely submissions that have been completely in keeping with the tone of the blog. However, I’m aware as I grow the blog and the business, that won’t always be the case.

While every wedding is absolutely about love and is special in its own way, my blog is a Shabby Chic blog and not every wedding is a shabby chic wedding! Nor should it be, I am a huge proponent of diversity within this industry – it just won’t always be right for the blog!

So what will I do when this happens? And, speaking to more seasoned bloggers, I’m aware it’s likely to.

So I guess I’m opening this question up to the floor – how do you say no? I would never want to make anyone feel rejected or like their wedding or products aren’t fantastic – but I also want to make sure the blog remains dedicated to showcasing shabby chic and vintage-style weddings, products and services – and helping brides to plan their shabby chic day!

Let me know how you find your “no” – and how you go about breaking bad news in a kind and respectful way! I want to hear from you!

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