Re-naming the blog

Dear wonderful readers,

As you may have seen today, for reasons beyond my control I will no longer be trading under my current name.

This is a long story and as I am still trying to revolve the situation amicably I won’t go into details here.

However, it is looking increasingly likely that a re-brand is on the cards. Let me assure you first and foremost that the ethos and style of the blog will not change. I hope the community we’ve built together will remain as strong and positive.

The whole point of this blog is to educate brides who love this style of decor (which for legal reasons I cannot name) and the challenge now is to find another name that adequately reflects the tone and intentions of the blog.


In the next few days I’ll be running a reader competition to re-name the blog. So far I’ve had some incredible prize donations – if you’d like to donate a prize for the winner, please do let me know at:

I’d also like to thank you all so much. Today started off as one of the worst days ever (nothing like some legal papers with your breakfast), but I was blown away (and I can’t stress that enough) by the hundreds upon hundreds of supportive messages, helpful advice and kindness I was given. I will never, ever forget how amazing people were today and only I hope I can be of the same help one day.

Thank you for your continued support, once I have a stockpile of goodies for the winner, I will run the competition in the next few days. The domain, email and name may change, but the soul of the blog will not.

All my love,



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