Promises to myself: My rules for running a business

Hello all! As some of you know this self-employment journey is just kicking off. I recently wrote a post about working for myself, and while I’m not as witty and creative as these two fantastic ladies, Emma (AKA the Wedding Reporter) and Lucy from Lucy Ledger Designs, I still like to document the ups and downs of running a business. If nothing else, perhaps people will read and identify.

So I set myself a few rules for running the business this week. They are my own personal guidelines and everyone has a system that works for them, but here are the things I will always try to do:

♥ I promise to always do my very best to reply to emails within 24 hours. If I haven’t replied, I may not have got the email as it’s SO important to me to keep communication open. If I haven’t replied immediately, it just means you’ve given me something to think about or I’ve got caught up in something but I *promise* I’ll get back to you the minute I can.

♥ I promise to always take the time to thank people who’ve been kind to me. I know sometimes messages can come flooding in and it’s easy to miss someone, but if someone’s taken the time to try to cheer me up, pay me a lovely compliment or brighten my day, then the least they deserve is a thank you.

♥ I promise NEVER to forget those who helped me to succeed – in small ways or in large.

♥ I promise to never air my grievances with someone in public.

♥ If I ever become the success I wish to be, I promise to help out those trying to start out themselves.

♥ I will always keep proper financial and legal records! No matter how tedious I find them!

♥ I will stay true to my brand and my readers, even if that means having a difficult conversation or saying no to someone (which I HATE doing!)

♥ I will never get angry with someone for politely disagreeing with me! I welcome debate on my blog and I know I’m not always right! As long as nobody gets abusive or personal, I’m totally happy to have a healthy disagreement.

♥ I’ll try my absolute best not to beat myself up when things aren’t going the way I want them to! I can’t control everything!

♥ I’ll do my best to be patient. As my dad says, it takes years to become an overnight success!

♥ I’ll always give credit where credit’s due.

♥ I’ll try to meet as many REAL people in this industry as possible, even if I find it a bit terrifying!

♥ I’ll do my best not to worry about what others are doing but to focus on finding my own special place in this market! (This one is HARD, believe me, especially when there are SO many amazing people out there – but as I’ve said before, there’s enough room for us all!) I must remember not to make myself inferior.

♥ I’ll do this as long as it makes me happy.

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