Make up lessons with Mariam

When I saw that the amazing Mariam Jensen was looking for models for one of her airbrush make up classes I jumped at the chance. First to see Mariam in action, as I’d heard nothing but great things, and secondly to find out a bit about airbrush make up. Mariam gave me the opportunity to be made over by her and her fantastic student, long-standing make-up artist, Gilly Nicol, who has now added airbrush make up to her repetoire!

I’ve had many brides ask me about airbrush make up, is it worth it? Is it any different? What does it feel like? I’d love to do a proper demonstration with Mariam soon, but in the meantime, here’s my take on it and a few pictures from the class.

First of all, if you’ve ever had your make up done before, forget everything you know about the experience. Airbrush make up is what it says on the tin – it almost feels like having your face massaged by a ghost (yeah, weird analogy) but in a really nice way. But what I saw in the mirror was amazing – literally flawless foundation and blusher coverage. It’s like someone’s given you a new face (also in a good way) without blemishes and with a gorgeous, contoured and consistent finish.

To give me an extra special look, Mariam and Gilly applied a stunning olive green and gold smoky eye and some pretty peach lip gloss.

I am not a particularly mirror-happy person (in fact, often, mirrors make me sad) but driving away from the lesson, I actually couldn’t stop staring at my own face in the mirror… Airbrush make up is a luxury experience – but I think it’s worth the extra cost.

And the finished look…

And hours later it still lasted…

If you’d like lessons with Mariam, find out more about what she offers one on one, and check out her classes at the Jemma Kidd make up school. Mariam also makes a living making brides look GORGEOUS – and I’ve heard she has some great deals on airbrush make up for winter brides! Find out about her wedding make-up services here!

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