Shameless plug – Christmas in a bottle

This has nothing to do with shabby chic weddings. It does, however, have to do with Christmas – and my mother, Lorraine Doron, which are (I’m sure you’ll agree) both awesome.

As I’ve put “shameless plug” in the title, I feel you’ve had fair warning!

So anyway, Christmas is on the way and I want to tell you about a little stocking filler that brings back all sorts of warm, fuzzy childhood memories. Every year, when people would come to my house around the holidays, my friends would ask me how my mum got the house to smell so much like Christmas. No, she didn’t have an unlimited supply of mulled wine and mince pies – but she had Festive Spirit, her home-made blend of essential oils that’s a total bestseller this time of year.

Beaut-e actually called it “Christmas in a bottle”, which I think about sums it up.

Anyway, here’s a pretty picture of it – it’s only £4.50 and if you’re looking for that magical finishing touch this Christmas, I highly recommend it. I’ll be using mine!

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