Choosing a wedding cake to fit your shabby chic theme

I’m a very lucky little Shabby Chic Bride sometimes – because I get to meet some amazing industry bods and share their thoughts with you! Wedding cakes aren’t what they used to be. While some people still opt for the traditional tiered fruit cake, others have started to use their wedding cake as more of a focal feature to match their theme. Here’s the lovely Jenny Budzynski of Miss Ingredient Cake Company fame with how to choose a shabby chic wedding cake!

A lot of demands are put on your wedding cake and the poor thing needs to be made of stern stuff if it is to fulfil the many criteria for the day.

♥ First and foremost, in my opinion, it must taste delicious when it is cut. The cake’s attraction must run more than skin deep, the taste should be sublime and without that, the cake is just a pretty shell.

♥ The next requirement is for it to be a centrepiece and fit into your theme. Shabby chic is one of the prettiest and most irresistible to work with. One of the quickest, easiest and most aesthetically pleasing ways to acheive this look is to add fresh flowers.

♥ Think about the setting and the size of the room and make sure the cake is proportional to it. If it needs a little help, then give it the equivalent of high heels and use a pedestal stand to add height.

♥This is also where cupcakes really do step up to the (vintage china) plate and come into their own. Beautiful and statuesque, glorious little treasures in every way. Neatly stacked on tall stands towering over everyone in the room, they’re a perfect addition to a shabby chic wedding.

♥ Use the invitation styles and table decorations as inspiration and guidance. A ribbon from the stationery or table plan is a good place to start. Using the table decorations, birdcages, flowers, vintage china, colours, textures, as a guide for choosing your cake is an effective way of staying within the theme.

♥ Trinkets, corsages, brooches and keepsakes can also influence the cake. A beautiful heirloom brooch incorporated into the cake is a simply lovely gesture full of sentiment, or new brooches can be used and kept or given as gifts or favours to the  people who have helped shape your day.

All photos (c) bh13photography, fresh flowers by David Ragg at Lansdown Florist, vintage china shot by Parkwood Florist & Anna at Miss Dolly

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