Buy Our Honeymoon – the solution to our problem

In planning our wedding, John and I have run into a few small dilemmas. While there are always shiny new things we’d like for the house, like most modern couples, we’ve lived together for a while and don’t really need a kettle or a toaster. What we really want for a wedding gift is to be able to have a honeymoon in order to start our new lives together in style. We feel like a well-deserved break after a year and a half of hard work, sacrifices and planning wouldn’t go amiss!

The problem is asking for money. It’s uncomfortable, presumptuous, and while some families will have no problem understanding, others will feel put out. There’s also then the question of how much to give. On a gift list, guests can pick what can afford, anything from a token £5 trinket from a student friend to a larger gift from a closer family member. Giving money, however, is far more difficult – the emphasis is then placed on the AMOUNT, rather than the spirit with which it was given.

But then I stumbled upon a fantastic solution. Buy Our Honeymoon is basically a gift list of experiences, as opposed to items. Your guests can contribute to, or buy anything from the flights, hotel or car to a gourmet meal, a spa day or… well, anything you want to do!

For example, it’s MY (rather sad) lifelong dream to go to Hogwarts! So on our Florida honeymoon gift list, tickets to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter are going on there. I’m even going to ask someone to buy us each a wand. (Shut up, it’s *my* honeymoon!) I also want to go to Disney World and wear Mini Mouse bridal ears. Yup.

John trained as a pilot and would really like to have lessons and get current on his license again while we’re there. That means, rather than buying us homewares we already have, or giving us a cheque, our loved ones can buy John his dream (and mine… I knew I’d make it to Hogwarts one day). Which is too amazing for words.

However, there are still a few household items we’ll probably need… but that’s OK because we can put them on the gift list too! Ace. There are loads of examples of previous gift lists and the team are really helpful, they’ve already sent me two Florida-based lists for inspiration! (Dangerous…)

So I thought I’d share this brilliant find with other brides to be, and give you all a quick overview of the site’s functionality:

- A selection of domain names
– Customisable page design
– Unlimited photo uploads
– Your gift list items in as many categories as you choose
– The option to display your list in more than one currency, with the site taking care of the currency conversions for you.
– A comprehensive and permanent gift history to help you thank your guests.
– No commission taken out of the gifts you’re given.
– You can receive payment for any gifts reserved from your list in whatever way suits you best — in cash on your wedding day, by cheque through the post, as a bank transfer, or online using a credit or debit card into your own PayPal account.

The only thing that it doesn’t do is pay a company directly for your gift. I should imagine that would get quite complicated…  It also doesn’t collect your gifts on your behalf. This, does, however, mean your gifts are yours from the moment they’re given.

You start by signing up for a free no-obligation 7-day trial and, if you want to carry on, you pay a one-off fee of £55, which includes 70 customisable registry cards to send with your invitations.

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