An open letter to the wedding industry: There’s enough room for everyone

Dear friends, colleagues and inspirations,

I want to start by thanking you all for the warm, kind and overwhelming welcome you’ve given a newbie to this industry over the last few months. I’m not perfect, I’ve probably made mistakes and embarrassed myself finding my feet in the blogging world. But you’ve always shown me support, guidance and love in this journey – I’ve never felt so welcome or accepted before.

But sometimes this industry makes me sad. And frustrated.

I’m no beginner in business. I understand the concept of competitors – I understand that we’re all just trying to make a living in what we perceive to be an overcrowded market. But in reality, this market is massive. It’s huge. It’s pretty much infinite. And the beauty of it is, every couple that we set out to deliver for is different.

What I write and publish may not appeal to some brides, but it may give another bride her lightbulb idea she’s been looking for. Submissions I receive may not appeal to me or be right by my readers, but thank GOODNESS there’s enough variety out there for me to be able to direct them to a more appropriate blog.

So far, I’ve not come across two “samey” blogs. Yes, they might run content that’s along a similar theme, but both execute their posts in such a gorgeous, original way, it’s very clear to me that they’re two distinct publications with very divergent markets.

Our industry, when it comes down to it, is about love. We are ALL loving, warm people who make it their business in life to celebrate and promote the happiness of those chosing to commit their lives to one another.

Yet, sometimes we forget to show that love to each other. We forget that we’re all in the same boat. We forget that we’re all different enough not to be threatened by one another. And we forget how hard it is to sit behind that screen day after day TRYING to make others happy, only to be met with anger, or worse, indifference.

I’m the first to admit, I’m jealous. I’m jealous of the success of others. It’s ugly, I’m not proud of it, but I am. I *wish* I had half the talent, following and drive of some of the people I look up to in this industry.

But I would never begrudge them a moment of their success, in the same way I hope they don’t begrudge me mine.

So folks, just as there are only a limited number of plot lines a book can follow, so are there a limited number of themes we wedding bloggers can address. The WAY these ideas are put out is what sets bloggers apart from one another.

I know it sounds naive, but I genuinely, with all my heart, believe that there is enough room for all of us. In every part of this industry. Brides will always need photographers (and I’m sure if there was only one photographer he / she would be pretty flat out trying to photograph every wedding in the country) just as brides will always need inspiration and guidance.

The beauty of this blogging world is, while a bride might only BUY one wedding magazine a month, there’s no limit on how many blogs she can read. And she can pick and choose what appeals to her and what doesn’t.

I’m actually shaking a bit with fear, in anticipation of how this post could be misconstrued. I don’t want anyone to think I’m criticising or targeting them – I see a lot of  anger and negativity flying around sometimes, but I know we can all be guilty of it.

I guess what I REALLY want to say is how much I admire every single person who puts themselves out there, how much I wish EVERYONE making a go of it in this phenomenal industry all the success in the world, and how much I hope, wish and pray we can all find it in ourselves to support each other – because there’s enough room for everyone.

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