A vintage-style military real wedding: Charlotte and Daniel

You know how much I like to let the wedding do the talking – and the bride of course, it’s all about the bride! Shot by Janda Photography, there are some truly iconic and heartwarming images that I think you’ll all just love! (Charlotte has also since started her own styling business – get in touch with her at: charlotte@charlottekennedyevents.com for more details). So without further ado, here’s possibly one of the sweetest love stories EVER!

All images © Janda Photography 

“Daniel and I met in primary school when we were nine and he was my first crush. I fancied him so much that I even stayed behind after school to ask the teacher if we can dance together in the school assembly. I was head over heels. After the assembly Daniel and I were inseparable, we ‘went out’ for nearly two years after that. We used to write to each other in our lessons and would walk to school once our mums had dropped us off in the village. However, we ended up going to different secondary schools and Daniel and I parted ways…but 13 years later I found Daniel on Facebook and we started chatting. I found out that Daniel had gone to Sandhurst after uni and had become an army officer, he was going to Iraq for seven months in the following May, he currently lived in a very remote part of Germany and that his parents lived down the road from me at Bournemouth Uni…. as you can imagine, I only listened to the last part. He took me out for dinner in the February when he was coming home to visit his parents and the rest is history…”

“On a Sunday afternoon in May last year I went to the local spa in Ottershaw, where my parents have lived all my life, and afterwards waited for Daniel to pick me up. However, instead of Daniel a chauffeur driven Mercedes pulled up and the gentleman driving it told me that the car was for me and Daniel was waiting for me somewhere. The car drove me in to the village and to our old school, where Daniel was standing in the playground in his military uniform. He helped me out the car and then got down on one knee, it was the most romantic moment of my life.”

“I planned the wedding with the help of Daniel and we made sure that everything related back to us somehow. The date was my Granny Joy’s birthday, who was huge in my life but died just before meeting Daniel. The venue was Sandhurst which means so much to Daniel and now also to me. We had a drinks reception before the ceremony so Daniel and I could mix with our friends and family and created all the excitement, I also made a speech to remind people of how we met. Before the drinks reception I met Daniel in the groom’s room in Old College and gave him his wedding present, a watch, the photos from that are amazing. When Daniel and I got changed his fellow officers put on their uniforms to and went back to the drinks reception to escort the guests to the chapel. This created such a buzz and the officers got the attention that they deserve. I walked down the aisle to the most amazing piece of music ‘Coronation’ from the film stardust, it was the film we were watching when we had our first kiss. “



Venue – Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Florist – Fairynuff Flowers
Photographer – Janda Photography
Dress – Chobham Bride
Hair – Hair on The Move – Ivy Tan
Make Up – Patrick Ellerington

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