A Friday thought – crisis management

Well folks, it’s nearing the end of what (I’m not gonna lie) has been one of the most testing weeks of my career.

I started thinking about how different people cope in a crisis.

I don’t.

Not at first, anyway. Yesterday somebody commended me on having handled the re-brand situation in a professional and positive way. Ha!

If only they could have seen me when crisis struck. I was quite a sight to behold. Struck down with food poisoning AND a healthy dose of legal papers with my breakfast (which, let’s face it, was already quite unappealing due to the food poisoning), I was a puffy-eyed, drippy, hiccoughing mess. In fact, I’m pretty sure my first call to my OH was so thick with tears it was thoroughly incomprehensible.

In business AND in the business of being a bride, there’s the inevitable kicker that you can’t control everything – even when you really need to. Sometimes when you think you’ve accounted for everything, some unexpected force beyond your control comes into play: it’s like rain on your wedding day (no copyright infringement intended, Alanis, although that definitely isn’t ironic.)

Now, I’m no expert on crisis management – but I am an expert on second chances. While my initial reaction may have been to blub like a baby, my second thought was to turn the situation around to achieve the best possible outcome for the business, my sponsors and my readers. Hence the competition. (PLUG – ENTER THE COMPETITION)

However, on your wedding day, if you (like me) have an unforgiving face after you’ve been crying, or worse, develop a migraine, staying calm is crucial.

So my mission for the next eight months is to learn how not to throw a wobbly when life doesn’t go my way! I’d be really interested to know your thoughts on techniques for staying cool in a crisis – I’m not talking about ordinary wedding nerves, I’m talking “the caterer hasn’t showed up” or “the building we’re getting married in has been demolished” (again, no copyright infringement intended, Friends).

How do you stay calm in a crisis? Leave me some comments and have a great weekend ♥

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