15 signs you’re being unreasonable about your wedding

Weddings are emotional affairs – but not always for the right reasons. While in theory they’re a celebration of love and commitment between two people, in practice they can turn even the most level headed of us into, frankly, a bit of a nightmare! With emotions running high and the pressure to  So I’ve come up with the top 15 signs that you’re crossing a line in the run up to your big day!

♥ You’ve taken out a substantial loan in order to get everything you wanted for your wedding or borrowed more than you can afford to pay back from family members or friends.

♥ Not only are you on a wedding diet, but you’ve asked your bridesmaids to lose weight or sacked a bridesmaid for getting pregnant!

♥ You’re sticking to your dress code so strictly that you’re willing to refuse admittance to anyone who isn’t following it!

♥ Your best friend is dumped by her long-term boyfriend. The first thing you think of is how it will affect your seating plan.

♥ You’ve made at least one supplier cry.

♥ You’ve hired someone solely to remove crying children from the ceremony.

♥ You’ve bullied your other half into unnecessary vanity treatments such as a chest wax!

♥ You’ve seen and edited all of the speeches.

♥ You have a back-up groom.

♥ More than one close friend has called you a bridezilla – and you scored pretty high on the Shabby Chic Bride Bridezilla Quiz!

♥ You’ve turned up IN PERSON at people’s houses to collect their late RSVPs.

♥ You have all your friends wearing headsets in order to be most effective on the day.

♥ You’re planning to go through the presents before the reception is even over!

♥ You’ve banned any stag or hen parties. Or worse, you’ve insisted on coming along to you’re other half’s stag do.

♥ You’ve had some form of cosmetic surgery before the wedding.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Can you think of any other unreasonable behaviour signs that I’ve missed out? Leave me some comments!

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